Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm practically deaf... I am almost 50 he said...

Moving things out of the back of the truck the following conversation transpired.

D: What's wrong with you, I carried all four at the same time!

DD: I swam one thousand meters this morning!

D: WHAT?!?!

DD: I... uh. swam. one thousand. meters. this. morning.

D: Oh! I thought you said you swam without a uterus this morning *laughs*

DD: Yeah, y'know you're right, I took it out... I didn't want to get it wet ;o)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Our paths

Although our paths may cross for a time, and we may at times walk hand in hand... there are also parts that we must walk alone, or in our own way.

Sometimes the most comforting thought is that there are thousands of people who have walked this path ahead of you, and although none of us walk it in the same way if they can make it out the other end... so can you ~S

Just let your headstand.... sliiide

Just had a fantabulous week with Mitts in Stoke.

We did more skiing, slept on the floor and finished the week with a t-shirt that pretty much sums us up:

The cemetery is the place to rest

The girl at the t-shirt store found a wicked font to do it in that makes the 's' in Rest look like a snowboard carve.

Love it!