Monday, December 14, 2009

It all began with a meeting...

Someone once told me that they didn't know why we are all here, but that they believed that things are connected. They thought that we weren't necessarily important in each others lives... but that our purpose was to bring each other together with other lives who needed us. I also believe this is true, and that there comes a time when you have to do what makes you happy, not what everyone else thinks you should do.

Happiness comes in many forms, but I think the easiest way to know you're on the right track is when you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you have a shit eating grin on your face for no apparent reason. Friends come and go, but only a special few will still call you up to chat when they haven't heard from you in awhile and talk as though you haven't missed a beat of their heart.

Kids. So I think I've more or less recovered from a weekend with the cubs. And I think I've discovered that 5 hours of watching Xena will help me recover from just about anything. I mean so far it seems to be working wonders.

We did a weekend camp up at the old ski lodge, and the weather was great, the kids more or less tried their best to be good and all in all I think the weekend went well.

We did a couple Christmas crafts, went for a hike well let me rephrase that... we went for a drag, played games, made survival kits and built fires in the parking lot. On an official note if anyone from the geek squad asks about the last item, I was dead at the time.

I think the survival kits and the fires in the parking lot were good for all of us. It reminded us that it isn't easy to start a fire, but I know that I can do it, and that there are skills I have that need to be dusted off once in awhile, before they are needed, not when.

I got to teach the kids about tree resin, and where to find it... and do a real life demo of it working to get a fire started when nothing else would. With any luck they will remember that when they need it the most.

The weekend had its ups and downs, mostly ups, but the one thing I'm struggling with is one kid who brings out the immature highschool teen in me. I'm old enough to know better, and yet all I want to do is stick out my tongue, put my thumb on my nose... wiggle my fingers and go "NYAAAAH nyaaahhhh!!!"

I'm not a doctor but it's not normal, and the response he evokes is not normal. I'm sure there is a desgination of some kind, bipoal, schizophrenic, psychotic... but label or not I'm fairly confident he has a behavioural disorder. He can be a super cool, normal 10 year old boy who laughs uncontrollably at fart jokes... and then shortly after be at def con 7 and a half, cussing and swearing and carrying on like a sailor who didn't get laid and woke up with a hangover the morning he has to ship out.

I don't know how this weekend will affect the kids that were there. But I do know this, you can't fix everything. All you can do is try your best, and I know that kids are worth trying for.

It's easy to love those who are most loving. But what about those who need love the most?

I promised a long time ago that I would do my best, so that's what I intend to do...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Sometimes I forget

There is always another way to do something... remember that.


Take a deep breath.


Don't think of the problem, think of a solution for what you need to accomplish. Not why it can't be done. It doesn't have to be conventional, in fact strive to be creative. It makes everything easier in the long run. Don't be afraid of what people think, or offended when they decide that you are 'doing it the wrong way'... There is no wrong, only different. Different opinions, different experiences, different points of view. Don't confuse different with wrong. They are not the same.

Just because you've only seen something done one way doesn't mean that's the only way to do it... It doesn't mean it's the best way either. Pay attention, when someone does something differently its an opportunity to learn. Even if it demonstrates itself as a reason not to do it that way.

Listen to those with more experience than yourself, although they may be stuck in their ways, they've been doing things long enough to find what works for them. This does not mean it will work for you. Using technology to solve an old problem might just be another way to do it. Even the slow cement have lessons to share. Be patient, not only with those around you, but with yourself. Appreciate that things take time, and if its something worth doing you too will eventually find a 'better' way to do it.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Idle Profound Jabber

Me: I used to wonder if I just liked skiing cause I grew up skiing with Dad...
But I love skiing just for the sake of skiing...
Fresh powder, quiet... in and out of the trees
It's beautiful.

Mitts: Yeah when it is fun and you are just by yourself then you know that you love it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So much anger

So here's the thing, it's totally true that you can't please everyone... unless you're a political genius who manages to get everyone to compromise without leaving them feeling like they've been the testers for 'Discount Al's final exam strength lube' using a wooden splintered spoon sideways...

In any case, it isn't anyone's fuckin' business where I bought my ski pass other than idle passing interest. Don't argue with me, or try to unjustify why I should or should not have bought it at one place vs another. I earned the money I spent on that pass, I evaluated my options and made a decision. If you think it's a stupid decision that's fine, but its not your decision to make. So bugger off.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Like zombies and brains

It's awesome thinking "damn I wish I had a coffee" and then realizing that you do, and you just put it down and forgot it when you got in.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

British Religion in Laymans terms

We were talking about the monarchy changes in Britain, where over the period of a few years the religion supported by the crown changed back and forth numerous times very drastically from Catholic to Protestant and back sometimes overnight.

I summed it up with:
Basically, depending on what religion you were it was a bad day to be alive.

Which didn't quite come out as intended but with all of the turmoil I'm sure a fair number of people had days that went for poop. I mean it wasn't uncommon for someone to assume the throne, outlaw the religion they didn't practice and make it not just perfectly acceptable, but almost required to stone people of the opposite religion to death in the streets. So you could be out somewhere minding your own business, showing your support to the crown by practicing the religion of the day and next thing you know they've been overthrown, and you're about to become an example... WTF!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What has been

The people who stay with us in life, well they aren't always a perfect shining example of why you stick with them. Sometimes they're mean and hurtful, and nobody understands why you put up with it, least of all the people who love you most and want nothing but the best for you. They know in their heart of hearts that you deserve the best because they know you're a good person.

The thing is, people change, feelings get hurt and all the rest of the bad things that can happen... but what it comes down to is this, at some point in your life that person was there when nobody else was. They understand your neurosis around certain situations and events, they know your thoughts and feelings without question or explanation... they know you. The good, the bad and the ugly. And well, if they were tough enough to stick by you through the lowest points of your life, whatever it was that they saw in you, they did. They were the person who believed in you enough that they made you believe in yourself again.

So although some people change, for better or for worse, you owe them some part of the person that you are today... and if by some chance you can ever return the favour, the gift of believing in one's self you know you have to do everything in your power to try, because on some level it's the least you can do to repay them.

Yes at some point it's a bad relationship, it brings some part of you down with them. But knowing what you travelled through and came out of the other side of with them, leaves you with hope, a solid forged in the depths of hell piece of hope. And hope is something that everyone needs.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Relative Perspective

Women are comparing themselves to their stay-at-home moms and saying, "I'm not good enough," Kimmel said. "The men I talk to, none of them worry about whether they're a good enough dad. In fact, they are unbelievably self-congratulatory. If they wash one dish, they go, "I'm the greatest Dad! I should get an award for this."

Random Quote

Pac Man
Quote of the Decade:

"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkend rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

~Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc. 1989

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stretch it out

Morning run, evening walleyball followed by a morning run = stiffness.

'nuff said.

On a more positive note, working Monday/Tues and then having Wed off for Remembrance day was awesome... even though today feels like a Monday, it's okay because tomorrow's a Friday!

*happy dance* oop except for that muscle RIGHT there!

Monday, November 09, 2009


Someone to mind my sanity while I look for a place to rent...

Friday, November 06, 2009

The hardest thing...

I'm not everything I am because you loved me...

I'm everything I am because you taught me to love myself.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Its not just a colour

I think I understand one meaning of the expression "Out of the blue"...

Sometimes, like today for example, I was feeling kinda like poo-shmoo and a good friend called. We had a great chat, including about said topic that had made me a little sad/disappointed in the first place. And the conversation we had was reassuring, and heart warming and all of those warm fuzzy type things.

I guess it pulled me right up "out of the blue" and made my day!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh facebook how you amuse me

Hank: "reminder: making mistakes does not give you any authority to give advice unless you learn from them."

Hank: "also I don't have my phone today so if you call me or text me I won't call or text you back."

Erin: "OH NO! Can you hear my telepathic messages?"

Kimberly: "I learn from about 50% of my mistakes. The other 50% I repeat. And about 30% I forget I even made. 19% I write down in a book and review later. 7% I think about at breakfast every morning. 10% I'd like to give you advice on. 13% I regret. 22% I imagine. 34% have to do with boys. 45% have to do with the refrigerator. (obviously there is some overlap... as in, 12% of my mistakes that have to do with boys also have to do with the refrigerator. I could draw you a venn diagram if that helps)"

Monday, November 02, 2009

Suck my ass

Nothing sucks nearly as much as the way you feel as when a good friend completely and utterly disagrees with you, and then continues to tell you you're an idiot... and that they're going to keep telling you until you agree that they're right.


It makes me not want to talk.

It makes me want to never talk again, and just pretend that things ended the way they were when everything was good. I guess that's the denial part of therapy, maybe one day I'll sign myself up, or maybe not.

I know that just writing about it makes me feel better, and I know that if I had an ounce of communication I could explain how it makes me feel and only make my friend feel minorly sheepish if anything.

I might not always have things right, but I know that there are many things I would miss out on if I only ever did things the way they are "supposed" to be done. I like the socially acceptable level of rebel that I am, and I would like to think that if the time ever came where I had to make the decision because of some injustice that I will be able to choose what is right rather than what everyone else is doing.

*thwibbit* So There!

Monday, October 26, 2009

X-Rated Office Plant

"It's a playboy plant, you know one that's a little top heavy" ~Z

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hate is a very positive emotion...

I think my socks are conspiring to drive me crazy. I hate when they fall down. Time to break the bank and buy some new ones, today's a write off though. Stupid saggy socks. I'm sure it has *nothing* to do with the backs of my shoes being worn out and then applying duct tape to smooth them out, maybe it's time for a fresh strip...

And to think that I make fun of my best friend when her day gets ruined because she put her pants on too soon after applying moisturizer. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its not a hot flash... it's a power surge!

My wife is going through The Change"...
You know, from woman to Grizzly Bear.


He said: ...I said whatever you want *Honey Bear*

Friday, October 09, 2009

Fresh off facebook

"Yes, I believe in love, yes I am a dreamer. but I am not alone, there are more of us than you suspect, and we've got bombs, truth and beauty bombs." ~Hankie

Monday, October 05, 2009


“I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.”

How do you know this exists? You don't. All you have to go on is someone that you clicked with more than you thought possible, that experience... no matter how brief, gives you hope that there is someone out there looking for you too.

Handwriting, its what you learned in elementary school

So I get this phone call...

Lady: "Hi is Sarah there please?"

Me: "I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number..."

Lady: "Oh, is this 555-5555?"

Me: "Yes it is..." (now slightly confused)

Lady: "I'm looking for Sarah Vincent"

Me: "Well I'm Sam Vincent, but"

Lady: "I guess it could be Sam, I'm calling on behalf of Passion Parties...

Now at this point I'm thinking aww crap I signed myself up to host a party at Rocktoberfest last weekend... allah damnit!

Lady: "... I'd like to congratulate you, you've won the mystery prize!"

Well apparently it's a lucky month for us! I might have been illegally impaired when I entered the contest though, so that would explain the 'Sarah'... poor lady ;o)


A good friend of mine once told me that
"Advice is something we ask for when we already know the answer to something, but wish we didn't."

I think sometimes knowing the answer to something, and actually listening to yourself are totally different. That's why there are some people you ask for advice from more than once. They are the people who can make you quiet enough to listen to yourself. They help you tune out the clamors of the outside world and listen to the inner beat that makes you you.

That's why its so hard to find good friends, they can't just think you're funny or smart or confident and well dressed. They have to be able to hear 'you' over themselves... or perhaps in addition to themselves, and know when your beat is off.

A really good friend can tell when you've got the bass of one song and the drum solo of another song even over text messaging, as though they are standing there with you, with their fingers in their ears while you to try sing the chorus. And somehow through all the ruckus you can hear them as clearly as if they are wired right into your impromptu recording studio, calmly saying "Hold on a minute, just breath... now tell me what's wrong."

And instead of thinking about the notes that are coming up, or what you wanted it to sound like, or even worrying about the wording you pour it all out... sometimes in bits and pieces, all out of order like a bad movie. But by the time you're done, they've become the time keeper... the organizer of the chaos, and they've sorted it all out as though it was never broken up in the first place and lay it out... all the notes in the right order, the majors and minors where they should be, and maybe they don't know anything about the song you were singing, but they've just put the chorus in the right place, and brought the bass guitar and the drum solo into the same tempo... and somehow it all matches your beat.


I did not realize how nerdy I was... until I had to make all my customizations to my new laptop. Its amazing how over time you get things set up *juuuusst right* and it never seems like you've made that many changes.

Now I know better.

I am unique, just like everybody else. ;o)

Terrible joke: How do you catch a unique rabbit? U. nique up on it!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Laughing with the elderly

The funny sister: "Wow that new hair cut takes 10 years off you!"

Elderly lady: "Great, what does that make me... 92?"

Caution mental image may be disturbing for some readers

The funny sister:
"You know the Mom bum, where its all flat... and some of them have a vagina like a walking jelly fish"

Friday, October 02, 2009

*happy dance*

Okanagan Spring Brewery is going to sponsor our Halloween Party!!!!!

We have no idea what exactly that entails, the website hints at possibly booze, games tables, or other fun stuff... but who cares WE'RE GETTING SPONSORED!!!

I love swag :D

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Did she seriously just say that?!?!

Lady purchasing vast amount of pizza:
"I'll get two ham and pineapple, one pepperoni and one vegetarian... I know it makes me fat but I don't care *giggle* It was really good yesterday!"

Does it make me a bad person if I muttered "Obviously" under my breath as I walked away?!!!?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have the coolest cousins

Last weekend I did a huge trip out to my cousin Matt's wedding.

It all started Tues after work, quick drive up to Revelstoke where Mitt's happened to have come down with her dog Duke which was great! We took in the Banff Mountain film fest with her Dad, and decided the next morning that we might as well drive back to Calgary together - as that's where I was catching the same flight my Dad was on back to London Ontario and the only reason I was bringing my car was to get *to* Calgary.

So we had a great drive, visited, stopped in Rogers Pass at the Parks compound and then proceeded to hike the Hermit. Her Dad's description was pretty much bang on... lots of root and then it's so steep you'd fall out of your flip flops. Duke was hilarious he just didn't know what to do with himself there were so many new smells.

We made it up to the sub-alpine, took some pictures which I'll have to heckle her for and then decided to turn around... Duke was all "what are you doing? the trail goes THIS way" but we finally got him turned around and I was very impressed with his trail manners on the way down. He didn't try to run either of us over or off the trail to get in front, and she made him walk behind her the whole way. He was very good about waiting at switchbacks too rather than cut to the inside and trip you up in the process. All in all *two thumbs up*.

The next day we did an 8 - 9 km "walk" and near the end Duke decided he was done. Now most dogs will slow down, or stop... but not Duke, no he just lay down *ffwump* with his head between his front legs and looked up at you all pathetic like. If he could talk I'm sure he'd be saying "Do we have to walk any further?... I'm tired... will you carry me?... please?!?!"

Made it on the plane, got out to London, and being in the "navigator's seat" (which is how Dad refers to anyone in the passenger seat) I got to play with the new GPS. It was very cool. Not so cool was that Dad had set the waypoint 'roughly where he thought it was', and I had a rough auto cad paper map with directions from my Uncle's house. Needless to say being the navigator I was tasked with figuring out where the paper map matched up with the map on the GPS software. Fine.

Basically the highways all have numbers, but they've been moved so many times that the numbers 'appear' to the out-of-towner (me) to be all over the friggen place. So while I did manage to find the town of Thedford on both maps, highway #79 was in such a state that you could turn the paper map upside down and IT STILL LOOKED LIKE THE GPS MAP. Allah damnit! Eventually I figured it, luckily just in time as it turned out as I got the dreaded "Critical battery level" *shit shit shit*... quickly did the "okay we need to turn left onto highway #21 and left onto highway #79 and then we *should* be on the paper map" *fingers crossed*

We made it, everyone thought we were crazy... but in my defence my Uncle's map did not have a legend on it, but if it did North would have been pointing DOWN.

The next morning at an ungodly hour (my time) Dad woke me up to see if I would go running with my look-alike cousin. We decided that we don't actually look alike, we just have very similar mannerisms... it's amazing the things that are genetic ;o) So did a quick out of bed, out for a 20min jog and shook out the stiffness from the previous two days burst in activity. The cutest was my little cousin "Momma can we stop for Spiderman Ice cream please?". "No hunny it's first thing in the morning, maybe after your nap ".

The rest of the day was spent hanging with my cousins, meeting some long lost cousins from Windsor *lol*, and attending the rehersal dinner etc. and I had a blast, everyone was so cute and so much fun and it was just super wicked! One of my favourite quotes from that evening was "MOM! Why didn't you TELL me that Sam and I would get along so well!" To which her mom turned to me and said "Hey Sam, I think you'll get along *really* well with my daughter!" *smiles*.

We finished off the evening down the beach with a bonfire and a guitar and singing. My best description of my family is that 'what we lack in skill we make up for in volume'. At one point I commented on not being able to sing very well, and my cousin turned to me and said "Oh I wouldn't worry, I think it's genetic". Yes. Yes I think you must be right.

The day of the wedding started off with a HUGE walk down the beach. Knowing now what I do we could have skipped that walk. My one cousin and I ended up relocating cars to another parking area and walking back... including the car that had some of the boys' tuxes in them *oops*.

The ceremony was beautiful, the flower girl stole the show and the rain held off... and the wind was strangely absent. Now when I say the rain held off, I'd like to clarify that there was a light mist throughout that gave the day an ethereal kind of feel. The hushed atmosphere was punctuated occasionally by my littlest cousin cooing to himself followed by baby giggles, he was having a great time!

I think that the cutest though was little Em, throwing flowers at the start of the 'carpet' and then being done for the time being... then after the couple was pronounced husband and wife and just before they were about to walk out as newly weds... Em decided it was time to do her thing, and preceded them down the isle throwing petals and just looking like the cutest little angel.

We proceeded to dance the evening away, interrupted only by tables getting up to sing a song containing the word 'love' in it to prompt the newly weds to kiss. I think their plan to not have to kiss much backfired, as they didn't take into account that our side of the family, and obviously the other side had no problem getting up and making fools of ourselves... especially when if your song sucked you had to do tequila shots. We were all shocked though when they thought our song was really good? Lay all your love on me ~ ABBA from the recently released Mamma Mia

My mid evening funny was when my Aunt, the mother of the groom says to me "You look really ready to party!" and I replied "I am really ready to party", glanced at my watch... double checked it as my time and went "Of course I'm ready to party, it's only 7:00 my time!"

So my Dad who isn't usually much of a dancer, he's usually the guy who sits and watches amused by the rest of us making fools of ourselves got dragged onto the dance floor by one of the new relatives... Apparently her boyfriend thought Dad was trying to cut in, so Dad looked him in the eye and offered to "Deck him"... whoooo boy I almost died I was laughing so hard, poor kid Dad isn't very tall but as he said "he's solid and I don't imagine he expected an old fart like myself go on the offensive". The best part though, was Dad more or less didn't get off the dance floor after that, we danced solidly until 3am when the last bus left and the DJ shut down!

I was impressed with a self admittedly small town girl who copped a squat in the bush on the side of the driveway in her dress and pretty shoes. I mean if I were a guy that would be hot! No having to worry about taking this girl anywhere, she's versatile and adaptable to any situation.

After wishing everyone well we returned to the cottages (because they don't have cabins in London, they are cottages) there were a couple of us die-hards, who grabbed a couple beverages and sat around the campfire until the wee hours. Steph, Chris, my Dad and myself regaled each other with stories from other fun times. There really is nothing quite as magical as sitting around a campfire, there's just something special about it and the time that is shared with those around it.

The next morning sucked but we survived, it wasn't nearly as bad as it should have been, my biggest complaint being that my feet were a little tender. I think between my bare feet and the sand on the dance floor == sandpaper, I literally danced part of my footprints off!

I returned to Calgary tired, rejuvenated and partied out for the time being... hit up a local coffee shop with Mitts and then caught the Greyhound arriving at 11:40pm in 'Stoke. I slept the entire way, waking up briefly at each stop only long enough to check and make sure it wasn't my stop. The trip is so much faster when you do it that way! I was lucky to end up with an empty seat for the first few stops, only sharing with a seemingly nice girl later on... I really hope I didn't snore or drool on her, and that I didn't totally scare the crap out of her when I twitched involuntarily while falling asleep.

The next morning was an early one, and I was pleasantly surprised that being at work on Monday didn't totally kick my butt at 3 in the afternoon. Apparently sleeping does help with that ;o)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When people just click...

You know those people you've just met, or don't hang out with very often... but you find yourselves doing the same thing at the same time? usually followed by giggles... That's got to be one of the coolest things ever!

My Dad refers to people like this as "kindred spirits", and I think that's the perfect term for them. It is as if you grew up together even though you just met, like they're another part of you that got lost somehow and you only just found them.

With all the ball-shit that went on this weekend, the two new best friends that I met showed once again, it's more important who you're with than where you are... It's the people that make things worthwhile not the location contrary to Achmed's "location location location".

Thank goodness for text messaging ;o)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Listening to...

Rain on the roof... and relaxing more than any 'sound of the seashore' cd will ever make me relax.


This is a post from my gmail account... sweet!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dirty girl

I'm sore, and stiff all over... it's a good sore though, that one that reminds you that you did something and that yes you are still alive, and no you didn't accidentally slip into a coma during that last office meeting.

My entire set of core muscles are sore no doubt in my mind caused by my bat swing. It even hurts to sneeze. But after a couple big hits this weekend and full-on head-first dive into third base, making me quite literally "the dirtiest girl on or off the field".

I found that point where I remember why I love playing ball... and I'm not sure how I ever forgot it, or let it get lost in the drama.

Ball is all about winning and losing as a team. It's about trying your best but knowing that someone is also there to back you up, or pick you up and finish what you didn't. In return you do the same thing, that's just how it works. Its also about sharing the awesomeness of a good play even when you didn't touch the ball. Its about sticking together for a little bit afterwards to celebrate your successes, highlights and TSN turning points or uuber analyze things so you can do it better next time. Its about working together to do something you can't do alone.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are the Champions!

This last weekend we competed for the second time in the Paddle Against Cancer, which is put on by the local JC chapter (Junior Chamber International). Last year we competed for the first time with a team composed of people from work. During the practise we were told that we might win a race or two but not to get our hopes up too high because it's hard work racing...

Needless to say we blew everyone out of the water (almost literally), including a major upset of unseating a team that had held the cup for the last 8 years standing! So of course this year we had to put in a team to defend our title. The theme for the weekend was "Las Vegas" so we entered out team "Double or Nothing".

The races this year were awesome, the first team we raced was the team we had dethroned the year before and they were out for revenge, it was a close race and definitely got the adrenalin pumping but we managed to beat them again. *phew*

I'm sad that this is the last year that the JC's will be hosting this event, I really hope that another group is able to pick it up and continue the fun times and support for cancer research.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Battle of Epic Proportions

Must. Have. More. Coffee... Mmmmmmm coffeeeeeeee *blink* *blink* Sorry my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, this is my first legible sentence. Give it a few minutes...

OK here we go now...

Had a quick hotdog-dinner-of-champions followed by wicked-awesome inner tube fights! Its a lot harder than it looks! Especially when one of the scurvy bilge rats blind sides you Nyaaarrrr!

Headed out to Crystal Bay where my cousin is vacationing with her boyfriend's family and we caught up a bit, reminisced about funny family stories (I must remember to apologize to her boyfriend), and joked about crazy profs and midterms and all the horrible things that mark the day to day experiences of University. I miss it, without all the stress, and midterms, and papers, assignments and final exams and stuff.

As we were visiting, we saw a few flashes they started out similar to that of the flash on a camera... shortly however the hills were perfectly silhouetted from behind as if there were multiple explosions lighting up the sky.

We watched in awe as a huge battle raged silently across the night sky, seemingly between a legion of stars and the temperamental lightning. It was the most incredible storm I have seen in a long time. The amount of raw energy was phenomenal.

There were all different types of lightning, incredibly solid forks, to one that came half way down to earth and then changed its' mind and forked back up to another cloud, burning a U shaped bolt into my temporary memory.

There was sheet lightning and then there were sporadic bursts of sheet lightning as if each cloud was in charge of its own sheet. They would each light up in a quick succession of bursts that weren't quite synchronized giving the illusion of synapses firing in a giant over-sized brain. The huge temperature and humidity changes that accompanied the storm as it passed by were crazy!

The strangest thing of all though, was that we could see stars throughout the entire performance. It was beautiful sitting there, eating popcorn and enjoying the free show. I believe in quality time and quantity time... you don't have to be talking to visit, but all in all last night was pretty cool.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Under a blanket of stars

Last night I called my parents on my way home from paddle practise, we're gearing up for the paddle against cancer this weekend... and since I don't always have the best cell reception up at the trailer I pulled over on a nice mowed shoulder.

As I was sitting there, I looked up and Wow! "It was a beautiful night" doesn't quite capture the awe I felt sitting there looking up. It was as if all the stars had arrived for a grand ball. Rather than feeling incredibly small and insignificant, I felt like I was an honoured guest observing the proceedings from an intergalactic balcony.

I started out leaning against the hood which on "the Fit" is rather short, so you're kind of up against the wipers which just sucks... so I climbed up on the roof. Yes Dad I know I'm not supposed to sit on the roof or the hood, so I lay down and tried to spread my weight around and not dint things in with that "kachunk" popping noise.

While I was lying there, three different people stopped and made sure I was okay. I had no idea there was that much traffic on this road! From their perspective I'm sure it looked more than a little weird. I'm almost longer than the roof on my car, and lying there talking on my cell phone... well who does that, I mean really?!? ;o)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Biking with Bears?

I convinced myself to go for an hour and half long mountain bike ride last night. It was tough, there was a little sweat, a little cursing and a little hard work. But as I stopped and ate half a Mars bar... which as I write this I realize is probably melting in the back seat right now *ass*... in any case though as I sat and let the gentle breeze drift through my sweat matted hair, I took a moment to look at the beautiful view.

And just stopped for a moment. For that moment everything was peaceful, I could hear the low hum of bees, mosquitoes and flys but for the moment none of them were trying to eat me.

Slowly I caught my breath, and sucked back some water as my heart rate returned to that of a normal human being. That is as opposed to the overweight cardiac waiting to happen that some people achieve merely by walking up stairs.

I hopped back on my bike and made it oooh maybe 10' (and that's probably an exaggeration) before stopping dead just shy of a large green bear poop covered in flies. Now the thing is, it had just rained that night making the trail nice and cohesive... this poop had not been rained on. In fact I took off my bike glove, and held my naked hand just above it half expecting it to still be giving off heat. I mean it was practically STEAMING! Ok not quite but if this was a fish story it would TOTALLY be steaming!

In any case despite the huge hill I'd just pushed my bike up (yes I know you're supposed to ride your bike, but I'm a bit of a pansy when it comes to steep hills) I turned around and rode back down. The ride down was alright, a lot steeper on the other section of trail... and then of course I came across a dry patch of trail that had recently been rooted through *great* another bear sign.

I more or less crossed my fingers, double checked the case holding my bear spray, let out a few more *woooops* than usual and left my bear bell to warn the bear either of my location so he could avoid me or my location for dinner. Completely up to his discretion of course.

All in all the ride was good, didn't see any bear but there was definitely recent activity in the area. I would like to think that he knew I was there and decided to share rather than eat me. I know I wouldn't make a particularly good meal for him anyways... all chewy and stringy, I mean really ;o)

Monday, August 17, 2009

If laughter had a colour...

Laughter is a beautiful sound, if it had a colour it would glow like golden sunlight that lights up the whole room, even the corners it doesn't touch directly. Every heart that laughter touches it seems, lights up with the beauty from within, and every face is more beautiful when wearing a smile.

Listening to kids giggling so hard and so deep, that it sounds like it must be coming from their soul. There is something about that giggle... that deep belly laugh that makes it impossible not to crack a smile. Most of the time though I end up giggling with them even if I don't know what they are laughing about.

The thing with shared laughter though, well it really doesn't matter what you are laughing about... what matters is that you are laughing together.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Perfect mornings

Waking up to rain on the roof of the trailier, cool air on your face, a perfectly you-shaped warm spot in your bed, the weight of the covers and the knowledge that you still have 20min to lie there and listen...

Until you *really* have to get up and face the chill of the morning.


It's interesting, that having a conversation would shed such light on a topic.

Although it would seem that is the only thing that ever does. We were talking about playing ball on multiple teams and how you start to recognize players, but don't necessarily know them, but that they start to know your name and who you are.

And it was pointed out that "Really though, you must have done something that made a big impression to stand out in their mind"... even though they do not stand out in yours.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From the bench

After I juggled a fly ball in outfield and then did a football catch pulling it into my body with both hands, then rolling over backwards and standing up with it...
"Way to make a routine catch look spectacular!"

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's not as bad as I thought...

This past weekend, was one of those slopitch weekends. Nothing too exciting other than getting stung in the ear by a wasp. Someone... and I'm naming any Steven's... swatted a wasp away from themselves. Right. into. my. ear.

Yeah that's right. I got stung in the ear. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I mean I always remember it as being much worse. But it definitely smarted.

Granted the wasps have been on Defcon 2: "Further Increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness", most likely due to the smoke everywhere but this weekend they were incessant. Even when you didn't have any food.

I mean at one point I ran away and ate my subway in the car because there were two wasps that were on me like bull dogs on a roast beast. And get this, I got in the car, started to unwrap my sub and one of the little fuckers had crawled in between the wrapping! He wasn't quite into my sub yet so I slowly got out of the car.... and squished him, then pulled my sub out and ate it. So there.

Basically though, I've got a few minor scrapes and bruises and one giant red ear to show for the weekend.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Expand you horizons

Last night I 'learned' three guitar chords.


I'm not sure which song it was by Theory of a Deadman, but it was super cool *smiles*, the guy who was teaching me said that I play very cleanly which was kinda cool.

So adding to the list of things to buy... A 6 string guitar, preferably a cheap one that doesn't sound like crap.

PS the tip of my pointer finger is still numb.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Wiki Obsession

For about the last year everyone and I mean EVERYONE at work has been obsessed with Wikis. Especially those who have no idea what a Wiki even is. Needless to say this has been a little frustrating... as every time we identify a problem, or something that could maybe be done in a better way someone says "Well what about a Wiki?"

All I want to respond to that is "Well? What about a Wiki?" It's like your car brakes aren't working properly and instead of just fixing the brakes you say "Well what about a spaceship?" Hmmmm. Yes, you could use a spaceship... OR you could just fix the damn brakes.

On the car note I got a new windshield the other day. Which is very exciting in my little world because two months after I got my new car, which is just over a year old... I got a ding in my windshield. That ding turned into an organically growing crack over the winter. Recently though it started to crack in the upward direction riiight in front of the driver. Awesome. Not. But the new windshield is much better, and I swear I will jump out and beat to death anyone who cuts me off and dings my windsheild. Especially if it's only a couple months old.

Come to think of it though, maybe I should have gotten a space ship.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Griffin Lake

Chucked Muddle One in on the side of the highway at Griffin lake this last weekend. I was surprised to find three blue herons amidst all the noise of people scurrying around on the long weekend. Snuck up on this guy and two of his buddies fishin' on the side of the highway. It still amazes me how close you can get in a canoe before they decide that you're almost close enough to eat them. I would like to get a better camera, so that you can see the water drops on them ;o)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Minding my own business...

Yesterday I got a phone call at lunch "Your rear drivers tire is flat" ... Crap. Can I come for lunch with you guys?

Well after work I totally forgot, drove down the hill, made it to the gas station and remembered... changed my mostly flat tire, got all hot, schweaty, and gross and got it up to the tire place to patch it. After hanging out with the nice neighbourly employees (they really were quite nice) I decided that I needed to go for a swim, despite the thunder and lightning warnings.

Fear not, this tale does not end with lightning, nor is there even any in it. Other than the previous warning about it ;o)

I do a lap through the mounting waves from the storm blowing up the valley around the swim area, and decide that I shouldn't dawdle as my core body temperature has been lowered to an acceptable level.

So there I am in my car sitting at a yield in a goofy triangular shaped intersection minding my own business when a large black blob seeming lands on my windshield... I passed it off as a chunk of ash from the Terrace Mountain fire... until it flew IN MY WINDOW!!! It was a medium size, mostly black, BUMBLEBEE!!! that if he were walking instead of flying would be waddling. He couldn't quite hover in one place and kept flying towards me!

So there I am, in a bikini top, with my right foot jammed on the brake, blowing at a bumblebee. Phhooooshh, phhhoooosshh, PPHHHHOOOOOSSHHHH!!! Now despite my efforts at not panicking and not blowing him into myself... HE LANDED ON MY BOOB!!! Now did I mention that all I am currently wearing is a BIKINI TOP!!!

(The extensive use of exclamation marks and caps is just how much the situation was stressing me out)

So there I am with a BEE ON MY BOOB, wearing nothing but a bikini top. And all I can think to whisper is "doooodde not my booooob" and to my horror I watched as he climbed down under my boob where I COULDN'T SEE HIM ANYMORE!!! The suspense is killing me, and I pray that nobody is behind me waiting for me to use the intersection because I *know* that if I get stung in the boob, I'm immediately going to stall my car, jump out and run around in circles like a dog chasing it's tail screaming like a little girl... and then I'm going to stop and swear like a trucker with tourettes.

Yes I am that person your mother warned you about. No you shouldn't take me home to meet your parents.

Without further ado however, as I'm fervently looking for any sign of "The Bee" I notice that he has somehow made it over to my seat back behind me! I lean forward as far as I can without having my boobs blow my horn... and he casually flies out the window as though his flower inspection is over and he found nothing of note in my little sparkly blue Honda.

~insert minor amounts of hyperventilation here~

Calmly I decrease the amount of pressure I'm using on the brake, double check that the car is in gear, check my rear view mirrors, and ease out into the intersection and back to driving home. Although my adrenalin is still high enough that I could outrun a Kenyan, I concentrate on slowing my breathing back to a normal rate, and not driving like I'm on speed. Because I'm sure if I got pulled over my pupils would be so dilated that the cop wouldn't believe that I wasn't on anything.

This episode of my life brought to you courtesy of the letter "Bee" and the word "Boob".

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Save the whales?

It was an offhanded comment that was hilarious at the time...

"Do you think that there are dumb whales like there are dumb people? You know like all the other whales say 'Hey you're too close to the rocks' and the dumb whale's like 'Noooo I'm not look at me, oooh I'm swimming close to the rocks, ooohhh nooo...' and then 'Uhh guys?... Guys!? I'm stuck!!! HELP!' And all the other whales are like you dumbass we told you so!"

But then I was thinking about it, if there really are dumb whales like there are dumb people... we've mucked up more than just our gene pool. I mean how many whales have we 'saved'? I'm not talking about what Green Peace does vs the whale hunters... but really?!? Maybe we keep saving the dumb beached whale gene...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear God I need to be institutionalized

I ran out of pages of Lolcats... at 512!!!!

We're way past interventions and 12 step recovery books, might as well go straight to the pretty white jackets and all the nice men in white coats *giggle giggle* I'll even have my OWN ROOM!

Oooh look at the pretty padded wallpaper! *smiles*




Ok, I'm back.

Slight of tongue

"I never was one of Timmy's Ho's" ~ Commenting on never having worked at Tim Horton's

Daily definition

"Starbs Effect" - Defecating 5 minutes after your Starbucks.

I'll have a large double double please

Like heroine through an addicts veins something in my Timmy's coffee races through my synapses making the morning appear better than it did upon initial inspection.

For this I am grateful. Probably not as grateful as the people around me, but still sufficiently appreciative.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I hate monday

Stab me in the eye with a salad fork, I hate mondays that much...

Do you think I could at least leave to go to the hospital if I had a salad fork stuck in my eye?


Friday, July 24, 2009

Keep that which is dear to you, close to your heart

There are few people who can make your soul smile simply by looking at you, and there are even fewer than can make it laugh and dance naked in the rain.

These are the people who should be kept in the sacred haven of your heart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"That's what makes you that guy"

So last night I'm driving home, thinking how nice it will be to crawl into bed and crash... when I come around the corner, and realize that there is a small brush fire on the side of the road!

I stop. Flick my hazards on jump out and decide that it is larger than my trusty flip flops can stomp out safely. Now at this point in time something in my brain kicks into overdrive. There is a bit of a strong wind, and the fire is growing, and blowing towards a large field... I don't have my cell phone (the one time in 200,000) and I definitely don't have time to drive to the nearest phone and report it and that's when I remember that I carry a fire extinguisher in the trunk.

(That's my flip flop at a whopping size 10 for comparison)

Bless the man who gave me a fire extinguisher with my first car, affectionately known as Bessie (the Multi) and now referred to as "The Multi didn't make it". The idea was that if my '87 Multi caught on fire I would have it. Yes Dad, that's you I'm talking about. I don't know how many times that thing got tossed from one side of the trunk to the other, and then made the transfer into the new Fit. But I've been lugging that thing around for darn near 6 years now... and I have to say, I'm recommending that everyone I know carry one, they're relatively small, light... and can be a lifesaver cause when those things come in handy they are TOTALLY worth their weight in gold!

Needless to say it was more than a little scary thinking about what *could* have happened if I hadn't driven by when I did. With the massive evacuations due to the fires in Kelowna it was a sharp reminder of how quickly something like that can get out of control.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Why does the clothes dryer ALWAYS take longer than the washing machine?!?!

I mean really, doesn't everybody do more than one load at a time... why can't they at least be synchronized so I can come in when they are BOTH done and flip it and get the next load in, rather than waaaaiiiit for the looooooonnnnnggeerrr one?

Honestly even if you made the washing machine take longer, it wouldn't bother me if they both finished at the SAME TIME.

Driving to work in the wee hours from 'Stoke

The mist rising off the streams and lakes during that twilight-before-sunrise-in-the-valley-hour, and the colour of a mountain top glowing as though freshly kissed by the early morning sun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Plants vs Zombies is turning me into a Zombie!!!!

This game is so beyond addictive I think I will write the 12 step recovery book for it... if I can discover the steps, and not get distracted playing the game.

I spent I don't even know how many hours last night playing, I beat the boss and saw the music video and then I started in on the mini games and puzzles. I can't get over how much there is to do, and that although it is all similar there is enough variation to not just keep it interesting but absolutely riveting.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Roofing - sundeck style

Those sheets of plastic corrugated roofing are just a little bit wider than a comfortable reach for me, depending on the roof support I'm sitting on.

You shouldn't try to catch them in your teeth, I have a bump on my forehead to prove it.

If you're working on a wartime style house and nothing is square... get longer screws and just go through the roofing material *and* the structural support for them, so you don't have to worry about everything lining up, you can line up the plastic and tap everything else into place ;o)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Note to self

Self: Next time you go mountain biking by yourself you should take some noms... and maybe a gps. You do not have the directional intelligence of a homing pigeon as much as you would like to think that you do. You also do not have a photographic memory of the ride you did two years ago, that would help you choose the correct trails.

Technical biking socks rock especially when you get your feet wet by falling into a stream.

Two bottles of bear spray may be a bit of an overkill.

Get more technical biking socks.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mind your P's and Q's

I'd just like to say that the person at the table who points out everyone's "bad manners" in the haughty "my shit doesn't stink" attitude...

Is being incredibly rude.

It makes me want to sit there and chew with my mouth open and both elbows on the table while I eat my chicken with my fingers... drink with food in my mouth and then belch, wipe my mouth on my sleeve and then cock a fart in their direction. Then lick the knife I didn't use just for good measure.

So there.


"Our hard-drives are like a digital record of our lives." AJ

Seriously though, think about it every game you've played... jokes, videos, emails, and movies things you hang on to just because.

It's all there, when you have lots of room you just hang onto it, and when you run out you just go buy more because that's easier than sorting through it all.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday AM

The brim of my hat feels heavy... why does it feel like a Monday? It really sucks my ass that it feels like Monday, the only bright side is that it isn't actually Monday so I'm a lot closer to the weekend than I would be if it were actually Monday.

Stopping rambling.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

WTF Telus!!!

I just got a text message that was quite obviously from K w/a K... except it was from a 403 area code instead of 250... and was along the lines of going boating on this beautiful day that is predicted to hit 33! So I responded...

me: "Haha awesome!"

(403): "who is this"

me: "Sam"

(403): "I don't know you"

me: "Do you know K w/a K?"

(403): "Nope"

me: "Weird your number showed up instead me my friends sorry about that lol"

(403): "Its fine telus is messing up the texts"

Telus: "All your text are belong to us"

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I've filled my time up with a million other things to do... not cause I don't want to do stuff with you, but to distract me from not doing stuff with you...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket

So I get to work, I'm a little rough around the edges... it was a big weekend what can I say. Although as one lady from work pointed out every weekend for me is a big weekend, but this one was definitely a bigger one ;o)

In any case I'm gathering my crap together to get out of the car and in to work, I pick up my coffee in a Timmy's to-go cup and promptly drop it upside down on my crotch.


Now amazingly that flimsy plastic lid that occasionally leaks when you are drinking out of it DID NOT fall off, and I DID NOT end up with scalding hot coffee all over my girlie goodies. I got a couple drops of coffee on my pants, and a couple more on the seat... even though I nearly had to change my panties from what I was expecting the outcome to be. This I can deal with.

Seriously though, if it had happened... the way that it statistically should have, I would have closed my door, driven back home and gone back to bed.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Funtastic - Part Monday

9:15 am Monday morning - the weekend shenanagins have taken their toll, we scrape together enough girls and make it through with more confidence than we show on the scoresheet. We've got three girls filling in for the two we lost to the other team they were also playing on. We missed them. Lots. Someone was smiling on us though, and their other team lost leaving them free to come play in the finals with us *happy dance*.

So while we were waiting for the final game, we hung out in the beer gardens, Glen bought a round for striking out, and we watched and then partook in the festivities that had not quite died yet. LOL

There was a race... involving two people as a team, you each had to throw a ball through a hole with the wrong hand, then you had to hold a beach ball belly to belly walk it to the end, then roll and get it back to back and walk back... spin around a bat with your forehead on it three times, and then run the bases while holding a tray with three cans full of water on it.

There were leftover bits and pieces being handed out, bouncy baseballs, beachballs, aspenware (wooden spoons and knives) etc. we played volleyball with the beachball and gave out "style points" anytime someone looked like a ballerina and missed!

We started a volleyball game in under the tent using the tent wires as the net, that went on for quite awhile, we had almost the whole tent involved, making up rules and holding their breath until that ball hit the ground... or someone's beer... or head.

Our team was into the condom filling contest like a fat kid on a dirty smarty, the mission was to fill it with the most water without breaking. We pre-stretched and double wrapped ours, the outside one broke but the inside one held and we were champions in the beer garden again! Winning NSA prizes from a grab box of our choice :D

I think the best part of this contest though, was having my Aunt who volunteered for the weekend call my cell and say "Was that your team? Scoregasm? That just won the condom filling contest?!?!" and upon confirmation say "I'm so proud!" lol I know it was a couple times this weekend that she said "Yep that's my niece!"

My official comment on the last game is as follows: "That is NOT my shoe"

We dropped the ball, but apparently looked good doing it ;o)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funtastic - Part Sunday

Sunday started off a little rough, we'd walked up to my Aunt and Uncles the night before so again I had to find a way to get up to my car that had been parked up at the ball fields. Called up coach, told him where I was, described directions... redescribed directions... described them one more time and started to wonder if I was incoherent or he just wasn't processing anything.

Finally got sorted out and realized I didn't actually know where I was and had given him the wrong street. Got that sorted and made it to the diamonds on time. We won our game, but it was tight due to it being tied because of a run that came in on a double play that we didn't realize counted when the batter passed the girl that started running on second!

Headed up to the beer gardens, changed and came in near the end of the "Stupid Human Trick" contest... I ran into my ex-roomie and another team member and they say "You gotta do your elbow thing!" well I didn't think that I could get into as they sounded almost done, they said don't worry we'll get you in! And start yelling "Hey there's one more!"

So the DJ calls me up, gets my name... and asks how I learned I could do this trick... I respond "I might have been drunk once..." everybody chuckles. Now it's time for me to do my trick, I step out, dislocate and spin my arm at the elbow like a windmill and the entire crowd reaction is "AHHHHHHhhhhhh gross" according to multiple reliable sources, there were guys in the crowd that looked a little green around the gills and ready to puke.

Needless to say I won, I'm sure my mother would be so proud... in fact I know she is. But who knew that at the age of 10 when I saw an old guy do it, and decided that I *had* to learn how to do it too it would come in handy as more than just a drunk party trick... but as a drunk party trick that would win stuff! The haul of swag included two budweiser t-shirts, a lantern and a gift certificate to Silverstar paintball... not bad not bad at all ;o)

The rest of the day continued, we pulled up a table and low and behold there were some people not of our team sitting there also. Assuming that my team had just sat down and not necessarily introduced themselves I made some new best friends. Well we hung out for a bit, met another one of their buddy's Brad... we got into a wrestling match over something that eludes me, I got pinned and then pulled the best unpin move evar. I gave him a wedgie. And not just any wedgie, one that made him stand up... that allowed me to stand up and parade him around holding only his panties. His buddy's just about died, I laughed pretty hard, and then gave him my phone number because well giving your new best friend a wedgie like that is just dirty pool LOL.

The day faded to night, and we danced... I stopped drinking around 8 and went home to bed around 1:30am...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Funtastic - Part Saturday

So I wake up Saturday and realize that I need to get back to my car which was abandoned at the DND field due to my being illegally impaired. Luckily my best friend's sister had just gotten off work and was able to help me out.

Surprisingly enough I didn't feel the overhang and was quite happy with that, everything was going great until immediately after our game... when my body decided that the lack of breakfast and obviously insufficient amounts of water it was going on strike. I picked up my car and headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's to do laundry...

That all turned into a nap followed by "oh shit I have to put laundry on" followed by a nap... followed by the flipping of the laundry and a shower to a PB&J sandwich washed down with copious amounts of water. After all that I started to feel like *and* resemble a normal human being again... just in time for our team BBQ!

The team BBQ is a tradition that started back in days of yore where everyone brings some meat and sea food and something else to share and we feast until we can't feast anymore.

After the BBQ we headed up to the beer gardens... along the way we lost a crackberry... turned around did the search pattern and turned up a backplate and the outside cover... *ass*

Proceeded back to the beer gardens and danced all night. They even sold doughnuts in a bucket up there! We got as close as we could to the front of the stage (mosh-pitt central) and ran into hardly anyone I knew. Which was strange after Friday running into a tonne of people.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Funtastic - Part Friday

One ball game, shortly after work... I was almost late, the backups were slow so Mr. I-know-what-I'm-doing says "Just leave it, there are only two jobs left it should be done by 4...

So I leave it... check it at 4 and it is still running, with 2% left and an estimated time of 4:20 completion *hehe* so I think hey no big deal I didn't have time to go home before my game anyways I'll just let it run it's course... at 4:30 I cancelled the remaining jobs as they were still running, ran the cleaning tape and did the swap. Sent a frustrated email to the Superhero who usually takes care of backups and expressed my severe displeasure with the ineptitude of the one who doesn't normally do backups saying "It should be done by 4..."

Nonetheless made it to our game just in time.

Funny for the day: So Mr. Baseball gets up to bat (you know the guy with the middle age belly and baseball pants on from when he used to play peewee) and cranks a pop fly foul... well Randy goes burning over towards it... and the slough... you can almost see where this is going ;o) Now to clarify we can't hear this Ump in outfield so we haven't heard the foul call yet... everyone else on the team is yelling "NOOOOO" and I'm yelling "DIIIIIVEEEE" *hehe*

It was just like a cartoon, Randy was running towards the ball and then all of a sudden he was gone in the tall grass and pricker bushes, and just like that a bird flew out LOL I couldn't even run over at full speed to see if he was okay I was too busy laughing BWAAAAA HAHAHAHAHH HAHAHAHAH

Needless to say he was alright, he managed not to impale himself on anything... although he did lose his sunglasses *shrugs* the guy popped up again and he made a spectacular dive catch for it.

Friday night started out as "I'll just have a couple of beers" and ended with my Aunt giving me a ride home and saying "You sound like you're concentrating really hard on the road" which truth be told I was.

Somewhere in between I ended up with a white tank top and a pile of Mardi gras beads and glow necklaces... I vaguely remember Randy and I on a mission to collect more beads than my two ex-roommates, and Randy going up to guys saying "So we're playing a little game... her boobs for your beads"

I'm pretty sure we won.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ha! So there.

*bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt*

Mr. On-Time: "Why aren't you at work?"

Me: "I am at work"

Mr. On-Time: "Why isn't your car there then?"

Me: "Oh it's parked in the top parking lot, I came back from lunch and there was a spot right by the door and I's like *scoooore*!"

The Dub

Eating A&W instead of Subway knowing that I'm going to be drinking all weekend.


Good things come in pairs

Upon dashing home from Dave's to grab a compass and paper (as we obviously weren't prepared), we heard a mutter as we walked out the door


My response was "Well at least we're a pair"

It would really suck to be one all by yourself ;o)

Lost in Dave's backyard

So we were having a 'get semi-organized for next year' Cub meeting... and our treasurer had a little zippy bag with a GPS and it's manual.

One thing led to another, and he commented "I don't even know how to turn the damn thing on"... which of course I offered my expertise to show him that much, at which point he asked what I was doing Thursday night?

Well... it was one of those situations where I didn't have any good reason *not* to help out, and teach a bunch of Ventures how to use a GPS ;o) Which is why I carried around a zippy bag containing a GPS and it's manual for the last three days, flipping through it any time I had the chance.

So yesterday we attempted to set up a course in his backyard, and discovered that the compasses were out by quite a bit. We tested them in the soccer field across the way and they were a little better...

The best part was that I can just imagine what the neighbours thought... nobody actually said anything to us about tromping around Dave's yard, leaving... coming back and tromping around again.

Following up with more manual reading, and Google we discovered that the two GPS's we were using do not actually contain a compass.... they try to guess your bearing/heading based on your movement as detected by satellites. Awesome. So it's a GPS with a compass page that does not actually have a compass in it? As one forum user so aptly put it "What were they smoking when they came up with this idea?!?"

We will see how it goes ;o) Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gmail - Inbox(705) and counting?

Crap. Adding my old hotmail account to be checked by my gmail just inundated it with all the email I've received since highschool...

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..." doesn't even begin to describe it.

So much for being more efficient.

Call me up out of the blue just to chat

Don't ask me why we don't talk anymore and tell me "Because that's not like us". I've called and left messages to the point of being that weird guy you have to give your number to for something else who never stops calling. Hell I've even talked to you in the middle of something and you've said "Hey I'm in the middle of something let me call you back"... not a problem. Only you never call back.

I don't think there is any way to say this that doesn't make me sound bitter, but we don't talk anymore because you have more important things in your life than me right now. I know you're happy, and I'm glad for that, I would never wish it otherwise. But I miss you.

There are some people you can decide, hey I don't need you in my life, do what you gotta do if we have a chance to hang out and spend time together great, if not maybe next time. Some people though, you don't consciously get to make that choice... because at the end of the day they're the person you want to talk to.

When you get a 9 cent raise at work, or have a great one night stand, or you try something new that you've never tried before that really isn't a big deal, or you get up and give a speech... but it's something they understand about you, they're the only person that will already know where you've come from to get this far.

The worst of it is, I can't get mad at anyone... this isn't anyone's fault, things change, people grow together, people grow apart, some people change. Getting mad at them doesn't fix it, it just makes me feel guilty for getting mad at them. And really, no matter how ambivalent my feelings are, when they finally get ahold of me they're still someone I want to talk to.

And just so you know that
"When you think of me out of the blue, it's all those hugs and kisses finally catching up with you."

I don't have allergies

My nose is leaking, and I have inter-cranial pressure on par with ascending a mountain and not having your ears pop. at all. evar.

This sinus pluggage thing blows goats for wooden nickels for bus fare, and then walks home.

If you somehow have not picked up how much I hate this... come on over, I'll punch you in the toque and then we'll talk about it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Excuse me while I take a 10 minute nap at work...

Those pacho fries, and that fully stacked BLT I had for lunch at Kelly O's have done me in.

Homer always says it best "Mmmmmmmm pacho fries"....


The second awesomest time I've been tagged out

So the first awesomest out would have to be the time I slid headfirst into third base for the first time ever in real game play. It was close, the throw to third was perfect, and I was definitely out, and my team didn't mind at all. They all thought it was the coolest thing evar!

This weekend marks the second awesomest time I got out. I rounded first, short had the ball and my legs slid a little further than intended on the stop. He threw the ball to first and I took off, I had to... looking... nobody on second! The ball came back, wobbly as I expected, the chick on first isn't actually expected to be able to throw well, just catch ;o) So I'm trying to run around Mr. Baseball and right beside me I'm watching him bobble the ball... I'm almost close enough. I dive. I feel the tag in mid-air and it gives me a rotation I didn't start with, I roll, I land, roll, grab the corner of second on my way by and I'm out. I was hoping that he didn't actually have the ball when I felt the tag, but somehow he did.

We were both so dusty and covered in ball dirt. The play earned me minor road rash on my left elbow and thigh, as well as a beautiful bruise on my hip. It was awesome, I would totally do it again if I had the chance, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if I was safe ;o)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the name of motivation

I bought a Zune...

8GB of motivational music coming up, along with a running playlist... no don't worry Dad I won't run with both earphones in so I don't get hit by the car that I don't hear.

I'm very glad that our IT guy was on hand to help get everything installed, it involved a registry hack but that is possibly just because of the way our network is set up.

I'm a little disappointed in the sharing feature, it limits how many times you can listen to a song that someone sent you to 3, and the count seems to be a little off eg: you can't pause and resume it counts that as twice. But the podcast feature is pretty cool, and sending pictures back and forth rocks. Bascially you only have to be near the person rather than physically hooked up.

Currently I'm sorting through the 20,000 odd songs on our music server wheeee I've found some old gooders that I forgot about ;o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My body speaks out

So I biked to work and home again yesterday, after the boob/ribcage incident... and I don't think my body liked that very much. In fact my body yelled at me loud and clear "I don't fuckin' think so!" and promptly put me to bed at 7pm like a petulant child.

I find myself today trying to decide if my ribcage muscles are just bruised or if I managed to do some structural damage. That one's for you Dad. But there is definitely some slight breathing discomfort. It might just be my body telling me to stop thinking about training for a half marathon in September... nahhhh ;o)

I think my body has formed a union... because any time I do something even remotely stupid it goes on strike and puts me to bed early. Its at those times that I realize how little control I have other than the knowledge that my body can do more than I think it can... until it decides that we're done.

Which reminds me of a great quote my aunt has for when you are going away/out for the weekend:
"Don't get stuck on stupid"

Monday, June 15, 2009

I woke up with a pirate tatoo... then nearly blew a boob

It was a big weekend this weekend, and I realize that most of my weekends are big weekends... but this was an all over body workout big weekend.

It started out with the Cub wrap up, involving a bouncy castle a backyard water bladder pool, fake tatoos and a "pudding drop" contest. The kids' favourite game in the pool was whoever gets dunked last wins, at one point I think I had four kids hanging off of me trying to dunk me. I laughed so hard all day I'm surprised I didn't almsot drown. It was one of those days surrounded by friends and sharing beautiful weather that is good for your soul. It continued after all the kids went home into an adult wrap up party with a few beers and an ongoing game of soccer hacky sack, some karaoke and some backyard wrestling.

The next day was relatively slow, the muscles between my ribs hurt all the way up past my sternum, I had multiple stages of bruising all around my neck and shoulders... everything was stiff and sore. We took in the Star Trek matinee, and had a nice BBQ for dinner. Upon which point I headed out to ball.

So of course we had two back to back games last night, I had my ball gear minus the stuff I usually wear (luckily I had spare socks) and the shorts I wore from the night before... so we're already taking it a little easy.

Well early off in the game there's a short pop that I decided I would just be able to catch if I dove... into the dive... ball in the glove... ball out of the glove off my lip and gone and oh. my. god. I. can't. breath. stop. relax... concentrate on breathing... slowly... okay I can talk again... phew... nothing seems to be broken... yeah I'm okay... put me in coach I'm ready to play!

The consensus was that I dove left hand out, then tried to roll right... landed with my right arm under my boob and landed uuber hard in an attempt to affix it permanently to my spine. Luckily for me that didn't work as I would have had one boob much smaller than the other, and I think that as close as possible big or small they should at least be relatively symmetrical. One of my teammates was kind enough to offer to help pump it up again, although I pointed out they weren't like Jordan shoes, upon which the team vote was that my boobs must be real otherwise it would have popped for sure. Lol.

Toast to K w/a K's Grandma

When someone can find and hold on to humour in the face of a loved one passing away, that's a beautiful thing. I want to be able to remember the things about someone that I loved, and the time I did get to share with them rather than the time I will no longer have with them. It is like a clearing of the personal schedule, that time has now been made available for someone else.

My friends mother passed away just this weekend, and she still jokes about when her and her Dad moved her into the home which was still fairly recently. She was 97 years old and an alcoholic. I think if you make it to that age, you've bloodly well earned the right to be an alcoholic. Her grocery bill when living at home was about $35 a week compared to her booze bill which was $130.

She was born the year before the Titanic sank which in itself should give you some indication of the stubbornness and sheer will to make things happen. She came from a time when pioneers created the world we live in today, they made something out of nothing and not only survived but flourished leaving their children a world full of opportunity.

One of the rules of the home she was moved into was no booze in the room. Well one of the big jokes was she gave K w/a K's Dad a shopping list that consisted of:
  • Cheesies
  • Chips
  • Bottle of Gin
  • Bottle of Rye
  • Bottle of Vodka
He showed it to the ladies running the home on the way out and they all laughed. She maintained she could just "hide it under her bed"... but as they pointed out the cleaning lady would find it, "well then I'll hide it under my pillow" was the response.

The biggest joke we had though, was after she threatened to buy a one way ticket to PEI where presumably one of her cousins would buy her booze... She had started with $20 and then someone had given her $70 more... and we could just see her calling up the cab company and saying in her Grandma voice

"Hello is this the cab company? I've got $90, bring me as much booze as you can... and pretend you're my son. If you can get in here without letting anyone see that you have booze the $90 is yours!"

So this weekend we raised a vodka jello shooter in honour of grandma. Cheers may she enjoy Happy Hour 24hrs a day from now on.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

*happy thoughts*

When someone tells me that I need to breath more at work.

When I have to play calming music on a repeat loop, you know you've annoyed me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Warm fuzzies

Have two people in the course of a week tell me that I just made the rest of their week, and that talking to me makes them smile.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm not against you, I'm just not really here for you either

I'm so far behind, I'll never die.

Sometimes I believe one of the things I'm supposed to do in this life, is simply to make things easier for other people. Often times its not hard to do, I learned a lot about this in Girl Guides. Making things easier for someone can be as easy as rearranging your already full arms so that you have a free hand to grab that one extra thing they haven't figured out how to carry.... to as difficult listening whether you agree with their point of view or not, or being there for them when you'd rather be anywhere else.

Now I know that my mother has a much more Darwinistic approach to this, if it does not directly benefit you then why bother? I have found however that these small gestures have come back tenfold when I least expected it.

In the spirit of this I'd just like to say, if there is someone that I'm here for be it spending time or listening to them, and it's giving you an aneurysm then too damn bad. I say this only because I don't know it all, and I'm doing the best I can with what I have to work with, and if you don't like it well get over it. I know that every argument goes both ways, and that you aren't necessarily right or wrong. That generally there are offences committed on both sides. But I'm really not here to make your life worse, but as far as I can tell I'm making theirs a little bit better, and that's really all I'm going for.

Texting and emails

K w/a K: hihowsitgoingigotanewphonewhereisthespacebaronthisthing

me: haha that's awesome I'm so proud of you for sending a text message! Um probably the bottom left or right for the space...

K w/a K (2 pager): this is great I found it its so much easier to text on this than my old phone I love it

K w/a K: Just waiting for pizza my kids are driving me nuts I'm going to punch them in the toque

later in the week emailing back and forth...

K w/a K: I am starting to cry I am laughing so hard……….. god bless you and your corrupted mind!

me: Hey what are you doing for lunch? And what is your home number I only have your cell... Unless you are trying to limit how much I can actaully harass you ;)

K w/a K: And since I have gotten my new phone and lost my texting virginity, I thought I may be harassing you-you’d get a texting restraining order……………………LOL

me: My favorite text so far is theonewithoutanyspacesinit! *chuckles*

K w/a K: Wellinmydefenseididnotknowwherthefuckingspacebarthingywas………

Everyone needs one good screw...

But in this case the screw isn't loose... it's missing

Monday, June 08, 2009

She's graduated, convocated and we can officially call her Dr.

These past four days I have been honoured to share with a friend of mine who just completed the gruelling four years of a Medical Degree.

There was a breakfast, with much congratulations to the grads, and then the actual ceremony which was very well done. The speakers were all excellent, and I was almost chagrined at how nice it was until I remembered that this degree was four years *on top* of an existing degree (in most cases).

There was a BBQ with her incredibly cute cousin who repeated everything he heard - I must apologize to his mother, as although I was on my best behaviour I'm sure he picked up a few things he wouldn't otherwise... like picking up blocks with his toes *evil grin*

There was a grad banquet which was amazing, the catering staff did a wonderful job and the meals were beautiful! I have pictures of the salad and dessert, I almost didn't want to eat them. *Almost*

There were the requisite number of speeches and congratulatory remarks, and thanks. Of all the people who went through the motions though there were two who stood out. The first had a very heart felt speech that was so incredibly true it was beautiful. It may have been the disclaimer that the remaining speech would be from bulleted points because every time she'd tried to write it she'd been unable to finish, or the humour that showed through in the strength of her voice even as it threatened to crack. But her speech in particular struck a chord with my view from the outside of medical school and the effort that goes into it, and the support required from so many sources to get through it.

The other speaker, well she was more or less hosting the entire evening and I think that her simple thank you to the people who supported the grads said it the best. "There are almost 600 people here at this banquet tonight... and yet there are only 125 grads." She thanked all the people who had supported the graduates they were celebrating tonight. But I think that she said it so simply, like look around you... 5 out of 6 people at your table helped a grad in some way get to where they are today. I would like to say though, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your four days of ensuing celebration, and I'm honoured that you tolerate my uneducated questions long enough to answer them and reeducate me in things that are as obvious as breathing and eating to you now. I hope that our friendship remains this way forever.

There was the ensuing celebration, with much dancing and her fiance finally getting me back for the time he didn't remember paying for the cab ride home... yes, I paid for the cab ride, no I have no idea how he even had my wallet in the first place... I'm glad I have friends who make sure I get home safely though or as it was once pointed out by a friend of mine I would totally be woken up in a ditch somewhere by a stray cow.

During the course of the last four days, it was also noted in passing conversation that 70% of what I say is incorrect or never happened that way. Which I must admit caught me a little off guard and I was quite taken aback by, until I realized the context in which it is entirely true. Often times, when repeating a story where the person it happened to, or the location in which it happened had no significance to me when I heard it, it is no sooner heard than disregarded and forgotten. Henceforth anytime that I relate the story it is most definitely missing what some would consider to be key pieces of information. I have decided that I'm okay with this, and will proceed to relate non relevant information like this in the future.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It all began in Rome

My Aunt, having just got out of the shower was interrupted one morning by a knock on the door, knowing it was someone trying to redirect her religious beliefs, she swung open the door wearing only a towel and a smile and said in her best peaches and cream voice

"I'm really sorry we're busy having an orgy right now and it's my turn with the hot oil"

On priorities and packing

This kills me every time.

I would much rather spend an evening that someone happens to have available to spend with me, than do just about anything else. Even if I have things that I have to get done. Especially when they make me rhubarb squares with whip cream *drooling*

Hence the reason I will be packing my carry-on for a weekend in Edmonton after work today in the two hours before I leave for my flight. It's okay though, with the number of things you can't take and the decreasing size restrictions, I'm sure you will soon only be allowed to take what you are wearing and a credit card.

Haha unless they come out with nude airlines "Bring yourself and your credit card, we'll take care of the rest", it would certainly make security much quicker... and then they could move all cargo so the seats should be wayyy cheaper!

So true to my Dad's travelling advice, pack what you think you will need and take a credit card. You should be able to buy anything that you need/have forgotten when you get there.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I believe

... that we are connected.

Scientifically or not, nothing else accounts for the racing heart and funny feeling that confirms you're right before you actually know you are, or the sweaty palms because you're so sure but what if you're wrong? and how could you possibly know anyways!?!

It's the same thing happening at different times with a recurring theme. I was just thinking of you and then you texted me... or the "No way!" I was just thinking of YOU and how crazy it would be if you were here, and then thought nah... but here you are.

Or the time that I called, got a click like you picked up and hung up on me (whatever!)... redialed, got a busy signal, and then promptly hung up and my phone rang and it was you calling. Weird. What was even weirder, was that I was calling to see if you wanted Timmy's and you were calling to beg me to pick you some up.

Or the time that you were supposed to be in Kelowna around the same time, but don't have a cell phone and I got a funny feeling when I drove by... walked into a store and there you were, like we were in a small town and it was the only place you could have been.

Or the time I phoned and nobody knew where you were, so I phoned your cell and the first thing you said was "How did you know I needed to talk to you?" and the only answer I had "I just thought of you" fell miles short of the feeling I had when I thought that for some reason I needed to call... nothing tangible... just that I should.

Or the time that you walked in the door and said "Hey!" and we made eye contact and I knew without a hint of doubt that we were going to have so much fun that summer.

I believe there are people who we get along with, share common interests and values with, and there are people who we connect with... as though they are a kindred spirit we lost on some previous adventure, someone who we didn't realize was missing until we found them again. Somewhat like a bad case of amnesia that isn't cured until that moment when we meet again.

When that happens its like a door opens to an entirely new canvas yet to be painted, that can only be done together. Somehow that person gives you new motivation, shares skills with you or encourages you to look at yourself in a new light. Each of these meetings blend together into "you".

While I'll never be the person I thought I wanted to be when I was little, I can't take full responsibility for the person that I have become. Although I made choices about who I hung out with, and the characteristics I like, I've had seemingly little control over the traits and mannerisms I've picked up. So when people jokingly say I turned out okay, I'd like to say it's thanks to the people around me ;o)

Even if I do grow up one day...

I still want my handwriting to remind me of a friend's when I least expect it. Even if it makes me miss them more.

I still want to feel small when I look up at a night sky full of stars.

I still want bubbles to look beautiful, and amazingly delicate even if I know how they do it.

I still want to be that person that someone else needs, to act goofy with.

I still want to be prepared, and have in my purse or my pocket whatever is needed for the occasion.

I still want to be surrounded by people I love.

I don't think I'm quite ready to grow up yet.

Monday, June 01, 2009

From the lips of the four year old...

After repeatedly being told to use "Nona" eyes instead of "boy" eyes, the following conversation occured one day out at the cabin.

4 year old: "Nona, can I borrow your Nona eyes?"

Nona: "Of course, what are looking for?"

4 year old: "Well if I was looking for my bike... Where would I start?"

Home is where my cell phone is

Two ball games followed by a massive 7 person wrestling match in the dark in the back yard later... which I'm sure the neighbours thought we were having a big wild monkey orgy followed by two more ball games...

Well... I'm bruised, I'm scraped, some of my muscles are sore and some of them are downright stiff but I had a great weekend.

But, I learned that sometimes stiff muscles are what remind us we're still alive in a way that sitting at your desk with your feet up on your computer tower just can't.

This weekend reminded me that there is such a thing as too fast, and that looking up at a blanket of stars with friends not only reminds you how small and insignificant you are, but how lucky you are that somehow they found you.

It also reminded me that I love nothing more than saying "Wanna see what *I* did this weekend" followed by showing off scrapes and bruises... because in a way it's the proof that I actually did something.

I also learned that offering a hand to a friend, is no guarantee they will take it, but neither does it mean they have refused your help. I think it is best said by Epicurus "It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confident knowledge that they will help us."

Friday, May 29, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time

My legs do NOT think that it is a good idea to bike home from work (uphill most of the way) the day *after* an hour and a half evening ride. They pretty much hate me right now. If they could talk they would be swearing like truckers in a bar brawl.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

About toilet seats

I have learned that all the exercises we did in Senior girls basketball really did set me up for the real world... those muscles have been honed into enough shape that I can still 9 years later hover over a toilet seat and pee.

Now before you go and get all upset that I'm peeing on the seat, don't you worry... I lift the seat when I hover, because truly there is nothing worse than someone who hovers so they don't have to touch the seat and then leaving their own wet mark there for the next person ;o)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to cram 5 days into 2

First hang out with Chelsey.

So I just had the best weekend evar! Got to see a couple of friends on their way through town with their new daughter who is about a month shy of 1 and just started walking this weekend. So cool! Had a great visit over Chinese takeout with them so she could motor around after being stuck in her car seat. They also got some really cute pictures of her playing with the dandylion puffballs outside!

Picked up Chelsey at 7:10 in the am from Kelowna airport. Even though I was early so was the flight. I looked up from texting her back, to her coming down the gangplank. After that we headed down to Summerland, ate scones with *lots* fruit in them, actually I should rephrase that to" We ate fruit with some scone cooked in between it.

We then did a huge walk with her mom including stalking the house with the really cool train setup in the front yard... drove into Penticton went shopping for bathing suits. Which as usual invovled trying on a little bit of everything. I hate bathing suit shopping, but we finally found ones we liked. We finally decided that we could probably buy two of the same and then trade bottoms. Maybe next year.

After that grabbed Starbucks, hit up a Pharmacy for some reading material (aka butt builder and mountain biking) and sunscreen. And then headed over to the beach for what seemed like the entire afternoon. We dipped our toes in long enough to cool down. Literally just our toes, the water was beyond fricken' freezing Mr. Bigglesworth!

On the way home picked up a couple snack type foods and some Gatorade to rehydrate me from our fun filled day in the sun. Before dinner I installed a wireless router and configured it while Chelsey helped out her mom. While dinner was cooking we popped over to the movie store and picked up Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Got home in time for dinner on the back porch. Mmmmm it was so yummy! It was some form of curried tofu, rice and broccoli and cauliflour.

After dinner we did the dishes/kitchen cleanup while her mom did some evening things in the back yard. Back to the wireless internet where we looked up places to take her moms old computer for recycling... then onto the movie, popcorn and bed.

I remember thinking and then asking out loud "Did I really pick you up just this morning? ARE YOU SURE?!?" I think we are stuck in a time warp and this day is never going to end, and I'm TOTALLY okay with that!

But that day did end, so it was up the next morning, and while the scones were cooking we trucked over to the coffee shop. Then we walked all the way around Summerland again, but out the other way through orchard fields. We ran into a friend of her moms with a beautiful Golden Lab (part 'triever part lab) and chatted for a bit. We also grabbed a couple things to transplant into her moms garden and climbed a twirly tree along the way.

After that walk Chelsey and I headed into town, stopped at the recycling store and then headed over to Freedom cycle in town. They have the funniest shirt, it is a picture of a stick man riding a bike with the quote "Put the fun between your legs" We waited about a half hour trying things on etc. and then rented bikes for a half day and biked up the Kettle Valley Railroad trail.

It is an old railway bed that has been turned into a recreational trail. It was a slight incline that felt like an uphill slog by the time we turned around. All in all it felt like we biked at least 14km total... it was probably more like 10km, but the view along the trail was beautiful! You are basically looking out over the lake across to Summerland. Stopping for a lunch of fresh strawberries was the bestest!

At about 2:20 we turned around and booked 'er back into town, returned our bikes jumped into the car and drove down to Okanagan Falls to get ice cream from Tickleberries. Mmmm soooo good after a big ride, I had chocolate chip mint and root beer float. My friend had black licorice... and I can't remember. The licorice made it look like she had really hot lip liner on though, oh baby! We then washed that down with a hotdog and some kettle corn which is also sooooooo good :o)

Headed back up to her mom's, dropped her off and I carried on to Vernon for a Cub meeting... dirty and sweaty and tired, but completely rejuvenated.

It sure seems like sometimes the things you do in your day off make it feel like you took more than just a day off, and by the time you're done you feel like you've had the week off that you needed. Good friends are good for the soul. You don't always know what you need but somehow they do.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Salty, everything smells salty

All I can smell is the ocean... my hands smell like the ocean, my office smells like the ocean, the hallway smells like the ocean. Hmm maybe it's all in my nostrils.

I hope this isn't one of the early warning signs like smelling burnt toast before a stroke.

If this is what happens to grounded sailors I totally understand going back to sea, all I can think about is the ocean and sailing right now.

Sure is putting a crimp in my working style. Ha right.

On friendship

Friends are those rare people who can take everything you haven't said, and condense it into a single sentence that captures what you've been trying to say perfectly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On missing the ball in slopitch

"Just swear lots. It'll make you feel better" ~Sam

Who thought this would be a good idea?!?!

Forgetting that it was the long weekend and that we were starting work on a Tuesday rather than a Monday, someone thought it would be a good idea to bike to work. Yes that someone was me. As usual the mostly downhill bike to work was a great. The ride home kinda sucked though.

As the day progressed the weather went from chilly and clear too uuber windy with sprinkles and the forecast of pouring rain and lightning storms. So there I am biking home, head down one pedal at a time, one of my clip-in thingees stopped working so I only had one foot clipped in, it's raining and windy and just generally gross.

Just ahead of me a car pulls out onto the main road and honks. I'm thinking WTF? I don't know anyone out here, and I don't recognize your car... I do the wave... and he pulls over into the middle of the street, rolls down his window and points out that down the road behind me there is a medium sized black bear! Well I'll be damned, I probably biked right past him as usual, neither of us paying any attention to the other ;o)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm gonna kick you in the *junk*!

Today I got an email of the seemingly attempting to be helpful variety. Of course it was from someone who has no idea what the fuck is going on, or why it's broken in the first place.

It's like you buy a bicycle... and when you get it shipped to your house you open it up, and the front wheel is bent and there are spokes missing.

And then your neighbour who is an expert on everything, you know the guy who has never done anything you're trying but knows someone who did it hanging upside down from a helicopter at 5000 feet during an approaching hurricane. Well he comes over and says yeah you should talk to this expert about "how" to put on the front wheel.

Well guess what asshole I don't need help putting the wheel on, hypothetically I know how to do that... I need a wheel that isn't friggin' broken in the first place, then we'll talk about putting the goddamned thing on!

Twisted quote

"What you don't know... hasn't killed you yet"

Friday, May 15, 2009

BYOB hillbilly style

The other day I was flipping through the classified, checking to see if there was anything cool that I could cram into my life. I noticed an ad that read: BYOB $45. Now being a small-town girl who went to the big city of Edmonton I was understandably confused. Is this something that I'm paying you for or are you going to pay me? Am I supposed to show up at a party so it looks like you have lots of friends?!?

In my world BYOB means "Bring your own Beer". I was informed that it actually meant "Bring your own Bed". WTF?!?! Why would I want to bring my own bed? Isn't that what friends' couches are for? After all that though, I find myself bringing my own bed *and* booze up to the cabin for the long weekend... and on my little Honda Fit, well it does look like the hillbilly version of "Bring your own Bed".

This bed just isn't coming back home with me, poor bed... I'm sure it will be much happier at the cabin than it would be in the garage though. I'm sure it will get more action than the rest of us do this summer ;o)