Monday, April 30, 2012

Pardon me...

... while I eat my baby moose mousse for dessert ;)

Obviously a professional would have left something for perspective in this picture... but I didn't realize until I started eating it that it was served with a baby spoon too!

It's about the size of a shot glass mug... it's just widdle, and soooo tute and it was the perfect amount!

Thank you Duffy's in Kamloops for curing my chocolate craving without overdoing it in such a way as to eliminate the necessity of applying it directly to my hips with a spatula.

Spring training

Today is the first day of training... I'm doing my first triathlon at the end of June with Michelle. It's a sprint triathlon which is supposed to mean it's a nice easy distance you can do while holding your breath...

The Kal RATS Sprint Triathlon: (750m swim, 18.5k bike, 5k run)

We did a nice little half hour warm up type run today... and we thought we weren't doing too badly until some dude with his golden retriever ran past us at mach 5 and made it feel like we were moving *backwards*

Thanks dude. Thanks a lot.


Somebody (yes that would be me) thought it would be a good idea (had my arm twisted) to play ball last night!

So I get on base... and took slightly more of a jump on the hit than I should have... because second base caught it, and I had to make an effort to get back to my bag. Which I accomplished with a large jump step/land in a slide position. Unfortunately I landed directly on the pin holding down first... and literally blew a moccasin..

My cleat proceeded to eat up the infield at an alarming hungry-hungry-hippo rate... *nom nom nom* and I had to shake it out every time I left the infield, just so we still had something to play on!

Short of players (hence the arm twisting) an inning later I was finally able to run to my car and fix it!

Man I love duct tape! ;)

It's a good thing too because I immediately got a home run and had to run all the way around the bases... which were further apart than they needed to be! I also got a solid double that *should* have been a home run, except it rolled under the fence... *whispers* don't tell anyone, but I was okay with not running the bases again ;)

*shhhh* I wouldn't normally tell anyone about the ball that I missed... except that I totally made up for it with my double footed jumping backflip roll catch! (which promptly made everyone forget about the one I missed  ;)

It was pretty cool if I do say so myself *buffs fingernails* ;)

My body doth subtly protest the antics of the previous evening... the white noise of stiffness. Not enough to take the good drugs, but just enough to remind me that winter is over... and it's time to go play outside!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Us +5 Fissies +5... I think this calls for a rematch!

I'm so glad that good company is like the heavy-weight champion when it comes to taking on and anihilating the puny and insignificant details of my day... sending them crying to their Mommies with a sternly spanked bottom.

It was absolutely gorgeous out, spring has finally arrived and the cabin fever everyone had been experiencing was now being shared in the confines of an aluminum boat... I suppose it's a successful day though, when everyone caught something... and nobody was helped out of the boat *before* we got to shore ;)

Get in mah bellyyyy!
I'm gonna getcha little fissy! I'm gonna eatcha little fissy! *grins* I think this is the beginnings of a be-a-utiful supper :)

While we in for a pee break I totally scooped the comfy captains chair, and by default was captaining for the remainder of the evening. Which I thought was pretty cool :) ... and pretty easy meandering around in the middle of the lake... this really being my first time driving this boat and all, you see usually I fish, help eat the chippys, and maybe have a beer or two...

We had just kicked 'er up a notch to compensate for the wind picking up to head home after Michelle finally broke her two year dry spell... and then we couldn't keep them off her line! I think the funniest one, was mid-story she's leaning back and holding her rod up and Ed says "Hey Shell, I uh think you got one" and she says "I know! But I had to finish my story!!"

Awww look he's just a widdle hotdog fissy!
Those *were* the funny moments of the day... until we actually got back to the boat launch. Because it was much the same as with flying, it isn't the flying that's the hard part... it's landing. So I'm cruising in, and of course as with any good sport there are spectators spectating from the comfort of their van... and the peanut gallery up front.

We're almost in and up front hollers "log!" So there I am executing evasive maneuvers off into the rushes, with the motor balancing unhinged and ready to kick up... you see the thing is, it's too shallow to just cruise right in... and it would be faaaar to easy to paddle the last little bit. I would also like to point out that as soon as you change the axis of the propeller EVERYTHING changes, left and right are no longer what they used to be!

Suddenly it's as if we've been transported into an electrical gyroscope with a bug in its internal gravity sensor... suddenly we're in reverse at full throttle... The peanut gallery has collapsed in on itself in a helpless pile of giggles, Eddie's screaming "AHHHHHHHHH" and laughing almost as hard as the peanut gallery.

I calmly assessed the situation, kept twisting and pushing things until I could finally give the order to the mutinous engine to abort, and head for deeper waters... to... regroup, and try again.

The second attempt was far less entertaining, until Michelle's feet hit the water and she had to pee again *grins*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

... thanks GORD!

... but at least my team *made* it to the playoffs :p

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yes, I am aware... I am very, very spoiled!

It's that time of year again... when everything has thawed out and it's time to go play outside!

 We went for a hike this weekend out at Kalmalka Lake, which as I understand translates to "Lake of many colours"... I can see why. These photos of course don't even do it justice, it was gorgeous!

Treasure and Robyn
 If you look carefully, you can *almost* see a rainbow in the gradient...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It affects us all

"We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection."

~Dalai Lama

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm still not most people

Most people have trouble figuring out what they are going to write.

I am not most people.

In fact I have the opposite problem, I have too much to write about. So much that I worry about leaving out some juicy detail, as if you would even know... ;)


As my week progresses ever forward at the rate of a rapidly dwindling roll of toilet paper I get more and more anxious that I haven't captured these intimate details of my life.

What if I forget them?!?

Then I take a deep breath, and calm down. There are moments that are with you for the rest of your life, and you don't always get to pick which ones... but that is why Granny always asks if I had a good time... and responds with "Well that's all that matters" when I answer to the affirmative.

Enjoy yourself now, she says... and I have been... sometimes I just wish I could find more time to write about it!

Monday, April 09, 2012

You'd almost never know...

That we had FROST this weekend!!!

Finally! Just goes to show that there's still hope for spring to grace us with her presence ;)


Pardon the early morning rant, but I was driving last night and too tired to do this when I got home... Rant part one.

I am aware that Timmy's does not have the best gourmet coffee by *any* stretch of the imagination... I appreciate that it is average Jo ;) and that I can get a double double made exactly the same anywhere in Canada for a decent price.

So don't complain to me about how it tastes. Buy something different.

It. Is. Your. Choice!

Rant part two.

Following the reason for rant part one, we drive through McD's for their "gourmet americano" oooOooohhh *rolls eyes* ordered two double doubles, got to the window and the kid handed us cream and sugar packets.

This. Is. A. Drive through. Seriously? If I wanted a build my own coffee adventure I would have come in! The last thing I want to do in my car is take the lid off of the 500° coffee and add stuff to it!!

This is why I drink Tim Hortons. And they're nice at the window!

Sent... While running around ;)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Investing in the ta-tas

I am still recovering from bra shopping.I've never been in and out of a bra that many times in a single day, let alone multiple different ones. Ever. I mean I must have tried on more bras than the entire cast of a Burlesque show!
My Friend: Did you find what you were looking for?
me:  Yep. I have a new bra.
My Friend just one?
me:  it's an investment.

I mean really, I thought $40 was a lot to pay for a bra... but HOLY CRAP good bras are expensive!!!  

Okay, but really, looking great because you're feeling great *and* being comfortable? Well, that's priceless ;)

It was also pointed out however, that while they may cost a lot, they have a big job to do! Turns out what I thought was a double D (like my coffee)... isn't, it's in fact an e... an E for fricken enormous? Who came up with this scale?!?

One of the guys I worked with at the University once, was dared to go ask a dancer if her boobs were real. Being on the opposite end of the spectrum from most male Computer Scientists, he did. I have never forgotten her response.

She placed his hand on her boob and said "Yeah they're real, real expensive" ;)

Minus minus... does not make a plus

Apologies for the extended hiatus.

Lately I have felt like poo-schmoo scraped off the bottom of your shoe... its been like trying to get up from a bottomless abyss *every* morning. An abyss filled with sunshine and flannel monsters...  Oh sure, it hasn't been the end of the world or anything... I'm not at the "I'm going live in a shack with a million cats at the top of precipice and die alone" stage... but still.

It hasn't even been for lack of inspiration, I have more than a few things I need to write about... pictures to share, I've just had negative motivation. 

Yesterday I sacrificed one of Mom's chocolate bars to the insatiable pms monster. They're actually quite delicious! Sorry Mom, it was an emergency... I knew you would understand ;)

And really, it was your chocolate bar... or someone's head on a stake.