Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breaker breaker... One-Niner

I think we've got ourselves a convoy!

Super cool nerdy surprise to start the morning off, today can't be anything but awesome!! :)

Thanks Aaren VA7 AEJ

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First world dilemma

So as you may recall I had a plan. The plan was that I was going to grow my hair out... Because you know, it's been a long time since I've had anything outside of the super-short pixie cut to hockey hair range... and long hair just looks sooooo gorgeous when you curl it, and omg *giggles* look at all the cute things you can do with it!?!

*Ahem* sorry, my inner valley girl snuck out for a second.

Anyways it was going pretty well, well it was going relatively well... alright so it wasn't in a pony tail (the only condition the Approval Committee had when I said I was growing it out) but it *was* twisted and flipped up in a hair clip most of the time. Yes, that is a HUGE step up from pony tail for me.

Right, so I had realized that this long hair things wasn't nearly as cool as I had hoped... but I knew I had to give it a fair chance. So a couple weeks ago I got it coloured and had a style cut into it.

Super cute right?? Then I got suckered into had my rubber arm twisted  into playing ball in that tournament in Kamloops... Well it was frizzy and all over the place and then all up in my face when I was driving with the windows down and that was it, I'd had enough... I was done with the long hair.

Chop it all off!

Since then, pretty much everyone I know, has said in the most diplomatic way possible... "You look waayyy better with short hair" So not that I care what anyone else thinks... but I love it! Sooo it's back, and by popular consensus it will most likely stay back...remind me of this 5 weeks from now when it has turned into unruly hockey hair and needs to be trimmed *again*

Creature of habit

This is what happens when my parking auto pilot gets interrupted by someone in my spot *before* I've had my first cup of coffee!!!

Apparently they forgot to tell the new hires that's *my* parking spot ;)

Sound the trumpets, cue the fanfare!

Zoom in a bit, um a bit more...
This was the excitement of the day yesterday... as I caught a motion out of the corner of my eye I heard Connie running at mach 1.5 down the hallway, and saw this little scraggle-muffin trucking through the back yard.

Monday, May 28, 2012

First tourney, and games 2-9 of my season...

I. Hurt. *everywhere*. Even my hurty bits have bits that hurt.

I'm pretty sure my core body temperature has dropped while just sitting at work, as all available resources have been shunted to repairing the damage incurred this weekend.

All said and done though, it was a darn good fundraiser ball weekend... barring the fact that at night it's still fricken' freezing Mr. Bigglesworth!!!!
My apologies... the camera was having as much trouble focusing in the dark as Randy was!
We (and by we I mean my team) executed a text book brilliant triple play as though we had practiced it a thousand times. It was so beautiful I almost cried a little bit. Just to put it in perspective though, Terry, a guy on our team that is older than dirt who's been playing ball for like 37 years said that was the third time he'd seen one...*ever* and he spends a lot of time on the ball field.

The second highlight (some would argue first) was that I took out a guy at second base... What?!? Don't look at me like that, *he* was in my way!!! 
It isn't nearly as bad as it looks...
So there I was standing on second looking down at him as he rolled around writhing in agony, his face all contorted...  Until I said "Duuuuude, are you okay?" I even had a genuine look of concern on my face as I offered him a hand up. Although I'm not going to lie I was giggling a little on the inside. 

You would not believe how quickly he wiped all of that unmanly emotion off of his face and picked himself up and dusted himself off when he realized he'd been run over by a girl ;) You could almost hear the tattered remains of his ego flapping in the breeze, as he attempted to wrap the remains of it around himself.

Seeeeee not so bad, barely worth mentioning here.
By the time we made it to the final game however, our team was played out. It was wet, and cold and raining... most of us were just starting our season and we were ready to go home. We dropped the ball in the last game. Literally, among other things, but at least the loss was a total team effort, just like everything else we did this weekend... but one of my favorite things about it, was when we were all texting our friends and family the bad news and Jesse piped up with "We may have lost the last game, but we came in second in the A division... out of 22 teams. And we were undefeated until the final, that's not too bad guys!"

When you put it like that, it really isn't :) Thanks Goonies for another crazy fun-filled weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sitting up at the lookout

Sometimes I forget that I live in such a beautiful place... and then I stop and sit down for a moment and watch the world turn with a friend.

Thanks My Kim :)

I love spring in the Okanagan

We were out walking last night instead of training... and we found this tree filled with clusters of beautiful :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Couldn't waste a perfectly good day for fishing on a new haircut ;)

Alllllmost there!

I think I'm on the cusp of awesome... the brink of brilliance... so close and yet so far away!

Teasingly tantalizing... like Scritch (the Squirrel in Ice Age), so close to the acorn he can almost *taste* it... and yet just out of reach.

That, is how programming is going today. I think I almost understand the black magic

*maniacal laugh*

Monday, May 14, 2012

Genius... or what?

Mothers Day, that time of the year when it can take some fairly creative family conspiracy to pull it all together. Subtle and not so subtle hints dropped and eventually received, sometimes approaching Roman court intrigue and manipulation in their delicacy and intricacy... I would love to tell you the intimate details, but my family reads this blog from time to time and I don't want to give away ALL my secrets...

...but at least our family has never done this. "This" I overheard in the change room at the pool this morning and it made me giggle in that "I can't help but overhear your conversation and laugh with you at your expense" kind of way.

Apparently it was this woman's birthday, and her son was born on the same day, who of course naturally thinks that day is all about him now. In any case she'd gone on to the Lululemon website and ordered herself a bunch of new clothes a couple days ago using the business/"aka secret emergency retail therapy" credit card...

Then while opening her presents stopped. *realized* and went waitaminute... This is all the stuff I just ordered!?!?!?! You guys just wrapped everything I just bought myself?!?

Like are you kidding me?!?

So while we may conspire to remind each other to phone and wish you a happy mothers day, and coordinate flowers and dinner cooperatively in the background... we haven't done "this"... although I must say it *is* fairly ingenious, and you would get exactly what you wanted ;)

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I appreciate you :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Awoooga Awoooga!

I don't know what happened yesterday but it was like everybody decided to start working at... oh say around 2 o'clock.  It was like a delayed reaction to the full moon or something... I literally had 4 people with 6 different problems talking to me at the same time via messenger, phone and our new trouble ticket system AT THE SAME TIME.

I think I was dirty dancing with the boundary of my multi-tasking a.d.d.d.d. limit, it was a little scary... and a little exciting all at the same time... and by exciting I mean juggling an entire carton of eggs in the middle of a mine field.

A lovely dinner, followed by some after dinner entertainment and taekwondo and I'm relaxing on the couch with a purple freezie... it tastes like grape, but I wouldn't call it grape... I mean how much grape can it actually have in it if it tastes the way a scented marker smells *and* turns your tongue purple? It can't possibly be good for you :p

I think though, my favorite part of the day was the apres dinner entertainment consisting of an introduction to "The Pig Family" *ahem*

M: "I'm the Daddy pig George" *SnorT*

A: "No no I'M the Daddy pig!"

M: ... "and I'm the baby pig" *snort*  *heh*

M: ..."and now I'm Mama George" *sng-iggle* *cough* *wheeze* "Oops I said Mama George!"

Mom: "Okay honey let's let A who doesn't have asthma do the introductions" *rubs back*

A: "This is the Daddy pig" *SnnNOOOoORT!!*"


A: "This is the Mama pig *SNORT!!*"


... by this point it had devolved into everyone was giggling those deep infectious belly giggles ... which is about one of the

Knowing what I do now... *grins*

Granny: "There are things I never told my parents..."

Me: "Really?!?"

Granny: "Oh sure, and I know there are things my children have never told me, and you know what... there are things as a parent that I just never need to know..."

Me: "Thank you Granny, that's really good to know" *impish smile*

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Oh the things you can do...

When you don't live at home... wait, you always live at home... but the things you can do when you are left to your own devices unsupervised.

Like soldering in the kitchen! :)

Note to self: Unplug the smoke detector *before* starting next time...