Saturday, March 31, 2012

Purple... like a purple nurple!

I got my purple belt! *glowing*

This was the first belt test with a board break... sliding side kick. I wasn't really that nervous about it because I've been hauling firewood and breaking kindling since I was old enough to walk... and they are beautiful boards with a really nice grain... 1/2 inch ;)

I totally rocked my poomsae and my kicking, and my self defense other than the moment of startlement when I discovered that the girl attacking me had *much* shorter arms than the guy I usually train with ;)

The board break was sooooo cool!!! But I might as well have had my eyes closed, I just about kicked Trevor in the hand *blushes* but the second try was all business. Like the first oops had never happened ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silver lining to the stupid time change...

 Is forgetting to reset your watch and then realizing you're an hour closer to home time on a Monday than you thought you were!!!!

Sent... While running around ;)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The basics of Ultimate... when you get right down to it

I kid you not, this is a conversation we had this morning on the way to work talking about endurance vs. sprint muscle types...

m&m: "That's why in Ultimate I was a handler..."

me: "What does the handler do?"

m&m: "Throws the Frisbee."

me: "So what does everyone else do?"

m&m: "Catch."

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I spit on you... *haauughch-tuu!*

Tuesday, the Universe took great pleasure in reminding me that I'm not one of the big kids on the playground ... and that it's most definitely *not* my turn on the monkey bars by pushing me off, spitting in my face, and making me bleed my own blood.

It hurt. A lot. I might've even said a bad word... but then I stopped, collected myself, and promptly got angry that I was bleeding through my new Christmas sock. That was followed shortly by my calm zen jumping out of the car without warning and doing the chinese fire drill... One of those moments, when time slows down and and the entire universe comes crashing in on top of your head... when an entire days worth of asstasticness snowballed into a colossal hairball and barfed itself up onto the carpet.
Okay, so you're thinking "Ow!" but it's just a stupid stubbed toe right?

No, it was the beginning of THE END OF THE WORLD, and NOBODY LOVED ME... and I was going to GROW OLD AND DIE ALONE. With *hundreds* of cats.  I know that I don't have much in life to complain about. So the fact that I wanted to curl up in a ball on the carpet and dissolve into tears over a stupid stubbed toe, just made me feel guilty that I was being so pathetic about the whole thing... which needless to say, didn't really make me feel any better either.

So I did the only thing I could think of, and called my Dad... and had a little cry. "Aiiii stuBBDed myyyyyyyy toooooOOoooe *snurfleuppagus*" After he figured out that I was more upset than injured he did the best job of being my Dad and making me laugh through my tears like he's always been able to.

Thanks Dad, thanks for being there to talk through my sniffles and hiccups, about all the silly little things in the world, and laugh with me over bleeding on the carpet for the first time in almost 30 years. We certainly were well trained growing up ;)