Thursday, January 21, 2016

I've had better mornings... I've also had worse

*stormcloud scowl*

The dog just puked on the carpet.

I haven't even finished my coffee yet.

I don't know why it always has to be on the carpet, or why she's a double puker... puke, move a little bit and puke again... or why I don't notice that she's puking soon enough to get something under it.

All I know is that it's not a good way to start the day... it probably isn't for her either though, poor puppy dog

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter in California

Random note

I don't know how often this happens for the rest of the general population of flyers, but I consistently get at least one "Z" (Zed) in my airline confirmation codes down here. Its like there's a secret flag on my name because I'm Canadian. Despite being down here for more than a year now, my conversation at the check-in desk still goes something like this:

Airline agent: "May I have your confirmation code please?"

me: "K. L. M. X. Y. Zed..."

Airline agent: *looking slightly concerned* "I'm sorry could you repeat that? KLMXY...?"

me: "Sorry, K. L. M. X. Y. *Zee*"

Airline agent: *relieved* "Ah yes, there it is"

I'm not sure what letter they type in when I say Zed, it's not like it sounds like anything else... but shockingly enough it never seems to bring up my reservation.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shelf of holding

No crazy stories, nothing exceptional in any way... I just have a shelf of holding for my soap, razors and toilet paper now.

Although I did balance it on top of the garbage can so I could screw it in by myself, everything went according to plan for once :p

*happy sigh*