Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Heros in my life,

You are beautiful and inspirational. There are certain people who shine through the characters that they are playing, and give us a piece of themselves. Thank you for that. From everything I've seen in videos, interviews and articles you are a wonderful person, I'd love to meet you someday.

From bits and pieces scattered throughout the internet we have a lot in common *in a non-creepy internet stalker kind of way*, but the best thing for me, was realizing that if you can make the time to do those things you enjoy, then I can too.

While I know there is often overlooked credit that should go to the writers and producers, you and LL brought that story to life, and gave it something special. You told it in a way that nobody else could, and you made many of us believe in love.

I always joke that my marital status is "single and looking", but the thing is even if you didn't write the scripts... it gives me hope, that for someone to write about soulmates, for all the beautiful songs about love in the world that exist... it really must be out there somewhere, that some people really have experienced it, and to never give up.

It's those brief moments of inner awakening, eye contact with a stranger, crossing paths with a kindred spirit, or that connection with a best friend that makes me believe in my heart of hearts that there is someone out there for everyone.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" ~James Keller

I think it's safe to say by the number of inspired people in this forum alone you've lit a fair number of candles, and brought a lot people together. Keep up the good work, and keep your chin up we all certainly believe in you!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love it or hate it...

This is about the closest I will get to the Olympics in person. I still believe in the magic of the Olympics, despite the fact that much of that magic is shadowed or forgotten in its execution (literally).

I also think that the torch looks like an enormous joint, a tribute to internationally renowned BC Bud. I'm not sure who gets the design kudos for that, but I want a picture of someone smoking it.

Daily music

The sound of guitar chords, even if they don't quite go together... they're still magical.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bruises in your sleep anyone?

As the day has progressed, and it's been a very nice Friday I must say... I've noticed that I have a couple unidentified bruises just in the indent at the back of my jawline.

No they're not the result of a UDI "unidentified drunken incident"...

But I feel almost as though I got my ass kicked in my sleep last night, and real or imagined, have the bruises to show for it. There's also some tenderness at the base of my skull on the left. Now I know I can be a *very* active sleeper, but this is a little ridiculous. I mean really, and the realm of the power of your mind causing what you believe to be real to evoke a very real bodily response (such as bruising) scares the hell outta me!

I've had some incredibly real dreams in the past, full colour... if I was any good as an artist I could draw it! I just hope this doesn't become a regular thing or it will start to look like I'm boxing at night for extra cash.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Musical challenge

I bought a guitar!

*happy dance* I am heading down to the musical type store today to get a tuner so it will only be my playing that is bad ;o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ever the student...

Yesterday I came face to face with something I'd been ignoring.

I'm interested in learning how to use the bo-staff, and I was asked the question "So you want to learn how to use weapons" and I stuttered on the answer, like my brain could no longer direct my lips... and it wasn't indecision, I want to learn it. But up until that point I had only thought of it from a defensive point of view.

It brought me back to the truth. Objects in themselves are neither good nor bad, it is all in how they are used. How we choose to use them. In any case, you need to understand how to use all aspects of something to allow you to choose how to use it and use it properly.

I want to learn how to use weapons, the manner in which I choose to use them will in turn show what kind of person I am. That scares me a little.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bringin' sexy back

Q-tips, they're like sex for your ears. ~Doofus

When hating isn't quite enough

To quickly made a decent day suck.

Shampoo directions

1) Step in dog poo.
2) Attempt to wipe on wet grass
3) Attempt to wipe on melting snow
4) Check if clean
5) Repeat steps 2 through 5 if not clean

Nerdy directions


It will taint even a good day enough to make it not so good anymore.

*glaring with a hairy eyeball* at the thought of dog poo on my shoe.

All this pent up dog poo aggression and nothing to do with it *arg*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puddle duck

Driving at high speed through a large puddle is the closest thing to the joy I experienced puddle jumping as a kid that I've yet to find.

I turned around and did it twice more.

My Grandpa used to call me puddle-duck as a kid, I got my parent's their money's worth out of the little red boots with the smiley face on the bottom. None of the puddles were safe when I was outside...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I quote.

I learn, whether or not its what you intend to teach me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

*Shit eatin' grin*

I'm back to blogging... it was an unplanned hiatus but I'm ready to go, put me in coach! I've missed you.

I've dubbed this new year "The Year to *do* Things"!

I'm feeling exceptionally happy to be here, it could be the light at the end of the tunnel... or it could be the Christmas hangover wearing off - although I'm pretty sure that's not it.

Whatever it is, I feel good. Like I could conquer all the worlds problems if I took them on one at a time. You know, the way the hero in a movie is never rushed by 8 guys at once. Only in groups of ones and twos, and they all go down in groups of ones and twos... hmmmmm

In any case I'm busy, I've got a lot on the go and a lot to look forward to, and I'm excited about it!

I was just telling my Dad about the new year this morning...

Me: I started early, as in end of last year when I did the cub woodbadge training, and got my CORE and PAL... doing the HAM course in March *hoping they have enough people*, buying a guitar, and programming on the side.

If that's not enough to keep me busy I'm looking at taking an avalanche safety course with Mitts, lots of skiing, walleyball, and possibly Martial Arts of some sort... wish me luck ;o)

Scientistically unproven...

Just because something hasn't been proven, well it hasn't been unproven either. Personally we have got to be connected in more ways than we think, I mean really... You have got to know what I'm talking about, especially if you've ever had this happen:

Skittles: "You sound good today!"

A true friend can tell you're bubbling and having a great day, even through a chat window.

Web cams are merely an aid for those who don't know you well enough to know what facial expression you are making as you type something.


Me: 1

wiki: 0

My ingrained tag/bracket matching skills totally just kicked ass.

I fixed a problem in 2min that the previous fixer attempter spent 2 hours on... w00t!

That's right bitches I went to school for 5 years for this, and although it may not always show through, 2 min vs 2 hours is pretty damn good.

So how do you like them apples?!?

*touchdown dance*

Ain't that the truth...

The following may contain adult language, if you are easily offended go read someone else's website.

This is an excerpt from a few emails that have bounced back and forth through the ether between me and K w/a K... and maybe shows a little more ADD than I like to admit to ;o)

Me: Hey we need to do some crest action, I can't come to the area all leaders meeting tonight, and do you have a scale?

K w/a K: Yes I have a scale..oohhh lets weigh ourselves when you come over tomorrow….

Me: ooh ooh ooh yeah I need to work out my BMI, damn those perogies I just had for dinner ;o)

K w/a K: Ok seriously, those are going straight to your ass!

Me: uh yeah, I especially should not have watched while they were preparing them... not that you could have missed the burbling screams from the perogies on the bottom drowning in hot. melted. butter. Not that that's necessarily a bad way to go if you're a perogie...

No seriously though my friend I lived with in a bachelor pad said it best once:
apply directly to my ass with a spatula

I know when I turn 30 there is a special place for me... or two. So here's to the new year and *doing* stuff!