Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Who's awesome?!?! Oh that's right...

I am!!!

Guess who found an *old* copy of the full Oracle 10g client install files, which are no longer available on the Oracle site... for love nor money?

Yep, that's right *buffs fingernails* I did!

Man I love the internets... and Google, and I thank whatever Gods may be for long-forgotten ftp folders with the files I need sitting in them, just waiting for someone to find them *grins*

Thursday, November 01, 2012

If you're nerdy, then on the Internet you're not 404

We are doing a huge server upgrade this weekend which will affect access to our Secure Customer Portal. We dutifully informed our Customer Service team it would be offline, and in order to inform their customers they issued a memo to all of the Reps. By some strange coincidence it was Rep Memo #404.

Everyone in IT got the joke, but the humor of it all was lost on them completely...

Playing within the laws of physics

Isn't it interesting that the self-brewing cup of coffee that I couldn't get a single drop more out of this morning due to air lock, managed to leak all over the inside of my purse this afternoon?

I thought so too...