Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Only five dollah? Sold!

Well, in an effort to find something cheaper than Walmart... I did!

Now I thought it might be a little big for our needs in the store, but it's only $5... *shrugs* ...yeah, upon closer scientistical measurements (and by this I mean using the cup markers on my Rubbermaid tupperwares) it would appear that I am now the proud new owner of a kettle capable of boiling a US gallon.

So, if you are running low on hot water while you're camping next weekend... come find us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This conversation actually happened.

Yes Virginia, in America we protect against germs tranferred by toilet seats.  Welcome to the 21st century.

Me: "Okay, so I get that you pull up and then down to get the toilet tissue out of the little box thingee... but how do people rip the middle part out, and flip it in the right direction and get it on so fast!? I mean what if you gotta pee really bad?!"

Her: "Um wow."
        "Oh Canadian." *shakes head* (I'm sure that's what happened)
         "Well, I don't know about most people... but I just kind of just put it down..."

Me: *incredulous* "With..out ripping the middle bit out? But..." *tilts head*

Her: "Well, yeah I put it down and sit on it... and the weight of the pee just magically goes through it somehow"
        *heh* "I dunno, I never really thought about it"

Me: "Hm."
       "I don't think I like that."

Me: "How are you supposed to know this stuff anyways?! I feel like Stallone's character in Demolition man and the three shells in the bathroom thing"

Her: *giggles* "I dunno! I mean, it's not like anyone ever sat *me* down and said 'this is how you do this' I just kind of figured it out I guess"

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's fresh out... but not *that* cold

So while I was walking to work in a nice (albeit short sleeved) shirt... there was a lady in front of me in a down *p*arka - yes I want you to emphasize the "p" in Parka.


I think I understand where "crazy Canadian" comes from... but for the record, I think you guys are all nuts too ;)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I'm the luckiest girl ever!

Thank you so much for sending me flowers on my birthday. They were such a wonderful surprise considering I had just moved to the new country, and nobody really knew where I was yet.  It never even occurred to me that you could send them to my hotel room...

Between the love and well wishes and texts and phone calls I never really felt that alone, its amazing how you can be hundreds of miles away from everyone and still feel so loved!

Thank you soooo much, they make me smile every single day now :)

Moving 101 rant

Okay, *every* single place I have ever moved out of, I've left a full roll of toilet paper for the next person moving in. You are *always* going to need it, and there is nothing worse than having to tear through and unpack everything you own *just* so you can go pee...

Now all of that being said, I have yet to move into a place with toilet paper... like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Luckily I have packed around emergency pee paper since I can't even remember when, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with camping with my Dad combined with adventures with Mrs. Batman with an 'e'.


I would therefor like it noted *ahem* My Kim that while I have no idea how long I've been carrying this little zippy bag around for, it finally came in handy, and it was totally worth every second ;)

You light up my kitchen with your smile

To the Cheerios employee who thought of this... it's true, and having just moved into a new place I really appreciated the reminder.

Thank you

Do not park here...

You may never see your car again!

Sent... While running around ;)