Friday, January 09, 2009

Never know who you might meet at 7:00am

So yesterday morning I had just finished the first of hopefully a series of early morning swimming before work. I'm just getting back into it so I figured I'd take a couple minutes in the hot tub. Well this guys comes over and says Merry Christmas, being polite I responded in kind and added Happy New Year... well I might as well have said I bow down before the church, as he launched into an explanation of calendar types Julian, and Gregorian and that I'm one of Pope Gregory's minions because I use his calendar. Now seriously I try to stay away from religious discussions at the best of times let alone 7am, I mean if I could have I would have told him I was dead to his discussion. Soooo much for a relaxing hot tub. I didn't have time to ask how he converts between the calendars to make sure he meets people on the right date. Maybe he doesn't, and that's why he didn't have a hot tub partner.