Monday, October 05, 2009

Handwriting, its what you learned in elementary school

So I get this phone call...

Lady: "Hi is Sarah there please?"

Me: "I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number..."

Lady: "Oh, is this 555-5555?"

Me: "Yes it is..." (now slightly confused)

Lady: "I'm looking for Sarah Vincent"

Me: "Well I'm Sam Vincent, but"

Lady: "I guess it could be Sam, I'm calling on behalf of Passion Parties...

Now at this point I'm thinking aww crap I signed myself up to host a party at Rocktoberfest last weekend... allah damnit!

Lady: "... I'd like to congratulate you, you've won the mystery prize!"

Well apparently it's a lucky month for us! I might have been illegally impaired when I entered the contest though, so that would explain the 'Sarah'... poor lady ;o)