Friday, December 04, 2009

Sometimes I forget

There is always another way to do something... remember that.


Take a deep breath.


Don't think of the problem, think of a solution for what you need to accomplish. Not why it can't be done. It doesn't have to be conventional, in fact strive to be creative. It makes everything easier in the long run. Don't be afraid of what people think, or offended when they decide that you are 'doing it the wrong way'... There is no wrong, only different. Different opinions, different experiences, different points of view. Don't confuse different with wrong. They are not the same.

Just because you've only seen something done one way doesn't mean that's the only way to do it... It doesn't mean it's the best way either. Pay attention, when someone does something differently its an opportunity to learn. Even if it demonstrates itself as a reason not to do it that way.

Listen to those with more experience than yourself, although they may be stuck in their ways, they've been doing things long enough to find what works for them. This does not mean it will work for you. Using technology to solve an old problem might just be another way to do it. Even the slow cement have lessons to share. Be patient, not only with those around you, but with yourself. Appreciate that things take time, and if its something worth doing you too will eventually find a 'better' way to do it.