Wednesday, September 05, 2012


So I thought Ed was joking when he said he'd have to put me back where the cowboys're changing... *zoning out*

..oops, pardon me while I wipe the drool off my face... but there were some very hot cowboys at the IPE this year ;)

But no, seriously I was between the buckin' chutes and the gate where they let all the cows and bulls and broncs *out* of the arena!!! I got to stand on one of the huge speakers they were announcing the show with, it was AMAZEBALLS!!!!

While I was disappointed that for how close I was I couldn't get better pictures... I got a few with a really neat effect, but please don't ask me to duplicate it just yet...

"Lets dance"

"Leathers 'n legs"

"Head down ass up"
This cowboy had a very good ride ;)

Do it because you love it
"Make me look awesome!"
"Whoa that's enough awesome!"
How many cowboys does it take to saddle up hmmmmm?

"You spin me 'round 'n 'round"