Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Into the burlap sack with you!

Dear Plastic Milk Jug Engineers,

Please go fraternize with the plastic pop bottle engineers, they figured out years ago how to make a container that holds its liquid contents... even when it falls over!! Like for instance in the front seat, foot area of my car... where I sometimes put my milk when it's just a quick dash-in grab milk and dash-out kind of trip.

You should try it sometime. You might be amazed.

Also, just a note, but if it's the wider mouth of the jug that is inhibiting your ability to make it water-tight? I really don't need that extra diameter. I'm not sure if you know this or not yet, buuuuut it's a liquid, it'll fit and come out as long as you don't let it curdle, and if it curdles you might as well leave it in there anyways.

Now I realize that this shape may be left over from the glass jar bottles, but glass and plastic (especially the way you're making it these days) do not have the same properties.

If the history of plastic milk jug shapes is any indication, I'm afraid you will probably be in the burlap sack for awhile. Think on that while you *ahem* I clean my floor mat.