Monday, September 16, 2013

Wave west. No, not that kind of wave... the other one!

Note from the Captain:
I'm plugging north, pushing the boat a bit - it certainly pounds going to windward and I've done a lot of that. Currently 640 nm north of Hawaii, close hauled all the way.  Finally making a bit of easting but looking at the gribs it'll be a week or more before I can start the serious turn east.  Pushing hard so it's less than comfortable but this is serious sailing - winds have been solid 10 to 30 from the NE and seem to be moving a bit east.

Your time 14:00 16 Sept, please face due west, ideally with an unobstructed view and wave - I'll be passing LA at that time and I'll wave back!  Unfortunately the earth is round so we'll each be seriously below the horizon relative to each other.

The Captain's approx. location Sept 14th at 11am(ish)

Here I am Dad!  Can you see me?!? *smiles*