Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yeeeeesss? Yessss!

The conversation went kind of like this...

So we're going to *grfmahrufle* (Fogo de Chao) are you interested?

me: Sure?

Have you never had Brazillian steakhouse grill before?

me: I don't think so...

It's a meat-fest.

me: I'm in.

What? Really?!? *laughs* You haven't even heard what it's about! 

me: No, but it's food, and I'll eat anything... so yeah, I'm still in.

Okay, I'll try to give you condensed rundown: So they have this really great salad bar, it's amazing, but don't eat *any* of that - it's filler, just a distraction.

Then, they give you this magic coaster. It's red on one side, and green on the other... my husband calls it (in a deep announcer voice) "The meat faucet".

When you flip it to green, guys come out of nowhere! They just appear and start putting meat on your plate! then you have to flip it to red to turn it off.


I can now verify first hand, that's exactly what it's like. In fact, I ate enough meat to turn cave man, followed by the full giggles I get after all you can eat sushi. 

It was fantastic.