Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hmmm overshot the bike shop?

So I decided to venture out and attempt to obtain a brain bucket... and somewhere in the chaos of shoulder checking, and successfully navigating intersections without getting forcibly ejected into the future I realized that it felt like I'd gone a lot further than I thought I should have to...

Then I started thinking that looking at things on Google maps can be deceiving because when you aren't zoomed in all the way it still only shows the major streets... so maybe it's the *next* the major intersection...

A couple intersections later, I decided I'd like to call a friend.

me: "Hello?" *intersection noise*

friend: "Dude, where are you?"

me: "Out... Are you uh, anywhere near a computer?"

friend: "My phone is *like* a computer, why?"

me: "Would you go to Google maps and tell me if Magliocco is before or *after* Hamilton if you're going *up* Winchester?"

friend: "Are you lost?"

me: "No, I know how to get home... I'm just not sure where the bike shop is!"

I gave up and went home sans helmet, with a five mile bike ride to show for it.  Of course this would be yet another reminder, as to why I normally put the name of the next "you've gone too far" street on my directions...