Thursday, October 08, 2015

The best laid plans...

I had plans this last weekend... plans to finish projects, clean the house, and go grocery shopping... among a few other odds and ends of 10 second tidying before my friends come visit.

Little did I know the Aunties didn't have plans, and would drop by with brunch and that we would then spend the rest of the day looking for garage sales, eating and spending money on things I didn't even know we needed at Costco (we did get some really good deals on stuff we're going to use anyways... I drew the line at 24 rolls of paper-towel - we don't need a 2 yr. supply of the stuff).  Now don't get me wrong, I made some poor decisions, I could have opted to stay home... but then I wouldn't have gotten 6x as many razor blades for the same price as usual, or found that perfect cabinet for over my toilet that I've been searching for ;)

It was slightly overwhelming, and a little nerve wracking wondering how I was going to get the bare minimum done in time, when I realized that it was great having everyone over and seeing them all, and that my friends, are coming down to visit me... not my house, it's just a box to hold all my stuff and keep me cool during the day.

I was also reminded that although family may be the people that drive you the most crazy, they're also there when it counts.  I'd like to sincerely thank Auntie Mayweather for cleaning my shower floor, I was hoping to get it half that clean, and she spent the better part of her morning before work scrubbing away my dirty footy-prints. 

It. looks. Ah-maze-ing! So amazing in fact, that I have resolved hence-forth to wash my dirty feets *before* getting into the shower.

Thank you Auntie Mayweather. No seriously. Thank you, so much... I owe you one.