Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Random note

I don't know how often this happens for the rest of the general population of flyers, but I consistently get at least one "Z" (Zed) in my airline confirmation codes down here. Its like there's a secret flag on my name because I'm Canadian. Despite being down here for more than a year now, my conversation at the check-in desk still goes something like this:

Airline agent: "May I have your confirmation code please?"

me: "K. L. M. X. Y. Zed..."

Airline agent: *looking slightly concerned* "I'm sorry could you repeat that? KLMXY...?"

me: "Sorry, K. L. M. X. Y. *Zee*"

Airline agent: *relieved* "Ah yes, there it is"

I'm not sure what letter they type in when I say Zed, it's not like it sounds like anything else... but shockingly enough it never seems to bring up my reservation.