Wednesday, June 07, 2017

H.E. double hockey sticks NO!!

We've looked at numerous houses, but my favorite "Nope!" was the one where they'd put in extra padding under the carpet in the Master bedroom to try to make up for how uneven it was... It started with Kevin going "Girls, watch this" as he let go of the door and it closed itself...

Then on the way down the stairs I realized that the ceiling was sagging away from a wall that they'd removed most of in order to open things up a little... and someone had attempted a patch under the bathroom.... "Definitely, don't even maybe want to touch this place with a thirty nine and a half foot pole!!!"

My favorite though, was him pointing out the porch on the place across the street with the same sagging symptoms, since its a community I suspect they all have the same problem. It may be a fantastic neighborhood, but no bueno!!!