Monday, July 03, 2017

Box of safety

While it isn't fourth of July until tomorrow, the hooligan neighbors have been testing out their fireworks in increasing frequency for the last three days or so, and the dog has been getting more and more nervous because she knows that THE WORLD IS GOING TO END beginning with a series of small explosions.

We've been scouring the internet and nothing was really all that helpful, there are doggy earmuffs that look like a couple of jock straps but the reviews weren't all that good and don't warrant the price tag... there's the thunder jacket, but we tried swaddling her and she ended up just hot panting on top of stressed panting, and for the price tag we could just stuff her into one of her old shirts she's too fat for to achieve the same effect... although it would be funnier to wrap her in ace tensor bandages and pretend she's a mummy like one of the blogs suggested :p

But as usual out of the chaos came a couple helpful hints, tucker her out, distract her, and then maybe some white noise... She has some cat like tendencies, so the Ninja put her in a box, and threw a fan on top, we've got some tunes on in the background and the bathroom fan which sounds kind of industrial, but surprisingly enough it seems to be working. 

She isn't entirely relaxed, but she's not freaking out either which is a big improvement over yesterday. So to the handful of people who seemed to think you shouldn't have any extra noise because "fireworks are loud enough" I say poo-poo!!