Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do you spell it... Cuboree or Cuburee?

Last night marked my first view into a 1st BX Cub meeting. It was an experience fit for lifting the soul of even the darkest among us. Now I specify it as a 1st BX Cub meeting as I was informed by a reliable source that not all Cub meetings were created equal and neither were all Cub packs ;o)

The meeting was filled with many jokes and more laughter, but above all everyone's ideas were considered and built upon until we arrived at a rough draft of a good place to start.

It reminded me why I was involved with Girl Guides for so many years, and it made me wonder why I hadn't volunteered to help with it again sooner since my completion of University.

Apparently the Universe is trying to tell me to get my ass in gear, and it has realized that I needed a kick to get going. Heres to funny stories to share as only kids can create them.