Friday, April 24, 2009

Somebody doesn't think I should exercise... my squishy bits say otherwise

Yesterday I decided that it was time to start mountain biking again, the weather has been warming up above friggin' chily, and I still had time to squeeze a ride in before dinner... and really I probably shouldn't have had that third piece of pizza for lunch, I'm a programmer... there's no *way* I'm going to burn off 3 pieces of pizza no matter how intense the programming is!

So I get all dressed up, collect the various articles of riding gear that I will need hop on my bike and remember that my clip in pedal needs adjusting. So I go to dismount only to discover that my right foot will not unclip. Now picture this, I have a small backpack with allan keys in it, and my right foot stuck to my pedal... I undo the shoe so now I'm standing in one bike shoe and a sock looking at my other shoe that is now semi-permanently attached to my bike for now.

I considered for a second that I could forgo the clip-ins and throw on a pair of runners, until I thought it through all the way and realized that I would be trying to bike with a shoe under one pedal. Thinking that maybe a screwdriver might be of some use, I hopped into the trailer which I'm currently moving into, and being unable to locate a screwdriver grabbed my pocket knife and hopped out again.

Now I'd just like to clarify at this point that anything incorrect in my clip in settings are entirely my own fault. I installed them myself and true to form monkeyd with them to see how they worked. By this point in the whole ordeal I'm guessing, poking the pocket knife screwdriver head into various positions praying that I don't slip and gouge my other hand and bleed all over the place, and hoping that I will discover some previously unknown master release... yeah not so much... (just incase you were wondering)

Basically what had happened was the screws holding the clippy bit onto the shoe had come undone... but not all the way, and only one of them had *rolls eyes* so I had no torque twisting the shoe to trigger the release, and jamming the pocket knife into various locations did not work either. I couldn't undo the screws holding the clip to the shoe all the way, and twisting the shoe all the way around wasn't triggering the release either!

I did finally get it undone, and everything tightened up and adjusted properly but after all that I seriously considered saving my ride for another day ;o)

I found this quote on a fridge magnet:
"I gave up jogging because my thighs kept rubbing together and setting my pantyhose on fire."

I need one of my own -I gave up riding because I couldn't unclip my foot and fell over.