Saturday, March 27, 2010


Another tax deadline approaches

All Income claimed
Even when it meant filing as a small business
All RRSP and Mutual funds entered appropriately
All tax forms filed and submitted on time
Another year successfully survived,
with a little help from Mom.

And thanks to the persons responsible for this ordeal,
all chicken cannons loaded and ready to fire.


Shredded paper - the initial attempts to file taxes using the manual method, before giving up and using a program to file them online
Keyboard keys - from all the keyboards broken while attempting to fill out taxes online
Human hair - pulled out during intense periods of frustration
Blood, sweat and tears - saved up from working so hard to generate income, only to have to pay for it twice
Fake KD - what we'll be eating
Ketchup - only thing we can afford to go with the fake KD