Friday, March 12, 2010


This way I spend my day
is not where I want to be
The time spent here feels wasted
not forward towards my destiny

There are so many options in this world
New things to see and do
So many opportunities to learn
things that are brand new

I want to do! Try everything
Leave nothing left undone
In this world of day to day
Who is it that has won?

We all have choices that we make
every single day
The one thing we control for sure
our reactions along the way

So if you don't like where you are
or who you've come to be
Pause and keep that worth keeping
redesign yourself its free

We can reinvent ourselves
every second of every day
The only thing preventing us
are the excuses that we make

Experience changes our perception
the way we look at life
But we still choose how we react
to suffering pain and strife

Stop and listen to your spirit
Only you can set it free
When I look within myself
The only one there is me

When you find your soulmate
you'll know it when its true
When you look within yourself
your spirit will now hold two