Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The transition between winter and summer

I had a great ball game last night, the rest of the team didn't but that's to be expected. It's a new team and despite our great first game of the season everyone is still getting a feel for everyone else and figuring out where to play together. Wow that last sentence sounds a lot like a team grope, I assure you it isn't - we save those for injuries ;)

I batted 1000, got home a couple times and Mr. Thatisnotmyshoe and I showed off a little in field in that we've been playing together long enough that I can call the ball in mid air, tuck my elbows in while he's thinking skinny and somehow manage not to run into each other. Oh right, and catch the ball of course!

It's that time again when the smell of fresh cut grass and the warm breeze caressing your skin just after sundown makes it a magical time of year. That moment in time between sundown and actual darkness stretched out on my drive home, lighting everything seemingly from within and lingered. It was beautiful, and all the more so following the crisp arctic front.