Thursday, October 13, 2011


I can once again lock my car with the confidence that I will not have to climb in the trunk to get it unlocked.  Sometimes it's the little things, that even when you pay a lot for them make all the difference in the world.

The trouble I was having, is that the drivers side lock hasn't worked since the July long ball tournament in Enderby...  You see, the thing is... well I've been busy, and it's taken me well practically forever to get this fixed... alright I'll be honest, the only reason I finally did it is because I panicked when the passenger door lock started to stick too. Mostly because if that stopped working the only other way in is the trunk, which would just look ridiculous in pretty shoes!

So for anyone who is wondering, a 2008 Honda Fit "sidewinder-style" key will last approximately three and half years of constant use (~3-4 times daily).  Apparently this is quite a common problem, because the end of the key gets worn out and rounded. The warning sign is a wear line on the key, caused by the tumbler dragging its ass rather than hauling it up and over like its supposed to, mashing together and getting more and more bujubbled until it seizes like a bad leg cramp.

Now you know.