Friday, November 18, 2011

From the Captain...

There is a substancial cruisers community here which makes for a generally nice and "interesting" social atmosphere, so there's lots of people to talk to etc. and learn from. This week has is the "All points Ralley" which is a semi organized series of seminars and social events for the cruisers that have arrived here and who are settling in for the season.  There are several hundred boats in the immediate vicinity.  Today I went on a bus trip with several 'tourist' stops (wood worker craft shop, chocolate factory, shopping mall, heritage house / store etc.) so I got away from the boat and saw some country side for a change.  
The seminars have included ocean weather and trip planning in the S Pac, mechanics, corrosion,  batteries and electrical issues, NZ culture, splicing, fishing and crusing in NZ  Another weather guru is around tomorrow and something else.  There's also been some BBQ's, local talent and comedy evenings etc.  It's all geared to getting to know people.  
Interesting how many people / boats that are familiar that I've met on the travels and how many know / have seen me.  Solo sailor's  seem to have a special category in the crusier community.  Meanwhile I pick away at the jobs.  What the next move is I don't know. 

On the bright side, I'm generally enjoying my time here.  The weather has been cool but by my standards pretty pleasent.  The people around are great and I really like the NZ attitudes, and most of the boaties are good folk.  Some better than others but almost to a person good people.  

I could send you a list of jobs crossed off but you don't need that. I'm looking forward to getting home.   Having been part of this community for a bit, and listened to people and their travels, my enthusiasm is getting better.  One thing might be to spend the year in NZ waters and not head back to the Pac. Islands until 2013.  I'm currently working on the assumption of heading home next season, leaving here in April or May and going up the Line Islands from Tahiti to Hawaii and then to BC