Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Two days later I'd like to present my culinary masterpiece work in progress... rice pudding!

Two days?!?

Yes, two days... Have I mentioned that cooking and baking are not one of the skills I've mastered yet? Yet being the operative word. Well y'see here's the thing. I had some leftover rice, actually I needed the small pot and *it* had leftover rice in it... and I figured since I was being Debbie Domestic that while I was making myself dinner I'd just whip up a little rice pudding for dessert! (I like to think I can be amazing like that sometimes)

Well I can follow directions, and they said mix everything together in a bowl, pour into a casserole type thingee, put it in a roasting pan and fill it with an inch of boiling water... two boiled kettles later and it was finally ready to go into the oven.  It was then supposed to cook for half an hour, have a quick stir, then cook for 20 mins and be done.

Sounds simple enough right?

That's what I thought... half an hour later I figured it should have *some* substance, but no it was just as runny as when I put it in...  *shrugs* I set the timer for twenty more minutes... and then I set the timer for twenty more minutes... and then I set the timer for twenty more minutes...

...and then I turned the oven off, and went to bed. Who has time for this kind of thing? I mean really!?!? (No we don't really wonder why I'm not married)

This morning I left to watch footy footy football, which is another 'omg you are never going to believe what I did today' kind of moment... but when I got home I remembered I still had half finished rice pudding in the oven.

That's right I picked it up where I left off... turned the oven on, waited until it got back up to temperature and set the timer for, wait for it... yep another twenty minutes.

Now despite the fact that it looks, um... well kinda gross, it isn't actually burnt - that's cinnamon, and it was delicious I'll have you know! It had a beautiful creamy texture... and it was so good in fact that I had seconds, even though I was still full from lunch.

Not bad, not bad at all.