Monday, November 27, 2006


Have I mentioned that I hate mondays? It seems to me that no matter how much you sleep on the weekend you're still tired by the time monday morning rolls around. Okay I slept for 13 hours last night and I still didn't want to get up, doesn't that tell you something?

My computer has crashed at least 4 times with power surges or something, there should be a limit for this happening at work where you get sent home. I can't work under these conditions. Seriously.

So this weekend I helped a friend put up Christmas lights, now this was a serious production. I mean at our house we kinda drape two or 3 strings around the stairs and turn 'em on... Well let me tell you, it involved many many more strings of lights, a staple gun, and multiple extension cords... and the lights all have to be the same height (none on top of the fence posts), none of the lights can be blocked by anything to the road OR to the house, you can't unscrew any so they just don't show up... they have to be really for real done properly ;o) but let me tell you they looked amazing! I may have to get into this decorating properly thing... on second thought it is a lot of work, maybe I'll just help friends do it.