Monday, November 20, 2006

On supporting a good cause

So this weekend was one of much drinking, not because I'm a slow learner, or because I enjoy sleeping through the first and most productive part of the day, but because it was for a good cause. Friday night we attended ladies night, the gist of it is a fundraiser for the figure skating club. The main idea is you get a group of all women, add copious amounts of alcohol and then have them bid on various items... the more you drink, the more you spend, and there are no husbands to inhibit our deepest most inner desire to spend. Besides it's for a good cause.

As of this weekend, sledder/slutter season has officially started. All the married/taken men are back looking to be unfaithful with some unsuspecting hot chicks. Although it does help fill up the bar, and it makes drinks a lot cheaper for all the girls... it has it's downsides.

Grey cup was also great, BC won w00t w00t!1! I celebrated it at the local legion, I highly recommend it sometime... it may be full of grey-haired old bastards but they are hilarious! Especially when they think that they are being tricky and you don't get what they are implying, hehe *s*. We also managed to win the 50/50 bottle of rum, like we needed any more alcohol, I'm sure that if I'd been cut I would have bled beer. See the problem with drinking with the boys at the legion is that you don't buy pints, you buy pitchers and everyone keeps topping everyone up... sooooo I only had one glass last night, it was just a never ending glass. Of course the raffle and the drinks etc etc etc all help to support the local legion.

So this weekend, I supported a good cause, okay a couple of good causes. Does that count as volunteering? And if not what have you supported lately?