Thursday, November 19, 2009

British Religion in Laymans terms

We were talking about the monarchy changes in Britain, where over the period of a few years the religion supported by the crown changed back and forth numerous times very drastically from Catholic to Protestant and back sometimes overnight.

I summed it up with:
Basically, depending on what religion you were it was a bad day to be alive.

Which didn't quite come out as intended but with all of the turmoil I'm sure a fair number of people had days that went for poop. I mean it wasn't uncommon for someone to assume the throne, outlaw the religion they didn't practice and make it not just perfectly acceptable, but almost required to stone people of the opposite religion to death in the streets. So you could be out somewhere minding your own business, showing your support to the crown by practicing the religion of the day and next thing you know they've been overthrown, and you're about to become an example... WTF!