Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh facebook how you amuse me

Hank: "reminder: making mistakes does not give you any authority to give advice unless you learn from them."

Hank: "also I don't have my phone today so if you call me or text me I won't call or text you back."

Erin: "OH NO! Can you hear my telepathic messages?"

Kimberly: "I learn from about 50% of my mistakes. The other 50% I repeat. And about 30% I forget I even made. 19% I write down in a book and review later. 7% I think about at breakfast every morning. 10% I'd like to give you advice on. 13% I regret. 22% I imagine. 34% have to do with boys. 45% have to do with the refrigerator. (obviously there is some overlap... as in, 12% of my mistakes that have to do with boys also have to do with the refrigerator. I could draw you a venn diagram if that helps)"