Monday, October 15, 2012

So much for having a University degree

Maybe it's because I've never worked in a grocery store... or any kind of retail for that matter... or maybe it's because I ignore as much as I can when I'm shopping in big box stores...

I find the amount of advertising overwhelms my senses making me numb to everything, and that the most painless way to get through it all has been to narrow the amount of sensory input I process down to colours, aisle signs and my shopping list.

To the outside world I probably look like a zombie, it helps me blend in ;)

But today in self checkout I must have looked like an intelligent zombie because the guy overseeing checkouts taught me that I can just enter the number on the sticker rather than look up vegetable (even though it's technically a fruit) ... not organic, sure maybe mixed vegetables... um I think it looks most like *this* tomato!

So *that's* what that sticker's for! Huh who knew? This definitely falls into the category of stuff they just don't teach anywhere ;)