Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I don't want to grow up, but this is how I want to grow old...

When my Granny was 80 she went down the big water-slide at West Ed "The Sky Screamer" which is located 83 feet above the rest of the water park (it's the red one down there, on the left). 

I've mentioned this before, but it's lost in my other ramblings. It really deserves to be told on it's own, so here's the whole story.

She looked up at it and said "I think I want to do *that* one" I'm sure my Aunt looked at her like she was crazy, but said "Okay Mom, I'll be waiting for you at the bottom" and as Granny started up, my Aunt grabbed the nearest lifeguard and muttered "You're coming with me..."

Granny took her time and hiked up the stairs, and waited patiently in line at the top.  While she was up there she watched to see how "everybody else" was doing the big waterslide, and of course modeled herself after the 30-something hunk who crossed his legs, lay down flat and tucked his arms in.

Little did Granny know at the time, that this is the position you assume when you're trying to model a human torpedo... and accordingly torpedoed out the bottom of the Screamer!

My Aunt rushed in, to check her pulse and when the lifeguard asked how Granny was doing, she muttered "better than I am..." *grins* that's *my* Granny.

Later when anyone asked her about the big waterslide and how she liked it she would say "Oh it was fine!" and grin like a school-girl.