Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tales of teaching kindergarten

Now anywhere the class, or a speaking student is indicated... you need to imagine it in a high pitched Cindy-Lou voice, from the original Grinch.

Teacher: Do you guys know Frosty the snow man?

Class: Yeah!!!

Teacher: Yeah? Okay let's sing it together!

Class: "Frosty the snow man... la... la.. humphumpa... hmm.. somethin'... la"


Teacher: Okay, how about we learn the actions that go along with it, to help you learn, and to remember the words.

... "with a corncob pipe" *mimes holding a pipe*

student: what's a pipe?

... "he was made of snow" *mimes packing a snowball*


Teacher: You guys know what snow is right?

Class: yeaaahhh..?..

Teacher: Hold up your hands if you've *actually* seen snow.

... righhhht, we're in California, only the Korean kids have seen snow...