Monday, August 18, 2014

Delta, I have a sack for you...

No, it isn't for a potato sack race... you put it the other way. Over your head.

Running out of sandwiches on a 5+ hour flight that spans both lunch and dinner due to a delayed start is not cool... Seriously though, how do you run out of food that people are willing to pay handsomely for?!?

Following on the heels of recent memory where the last time I flew with you I almost missed my flight due to an errant notification about a non-existent delay.

Which was immediately followed by, the complaint I submitted to customer service rather than ranting about here, being answered in overly polite verbage agreeing with everything I said.

I was too disgusted to respond further.

I'm not impressed.

Update: A day after posting this I received an invitation to a customer satisfaction survey... Coincidence? I think not... I would rather they just read this post though.