Friday, August 08, 2014

Drunken hercules helicopters

Giant drunken miniature airborn tanks.

You can *hear* them coming... a large droning buzz like electricity through power lines before a lightning storm.

They fly lazily, like it's their first day with their new wings... huge slow loops and turns, so slow it doesn't look like they should stay aloft.

Once I finished freaking out about getting "buzzed" by what looked like an enormous black bumble bee on steroids... I ventured close enough to get a couple pictures, and look they're beautiful!

And, after quenching his thirst on the finest of nectars he unsteadily lifted off, flew into the wall twice, and then almost a *third* time before barely clearing the garage roof and staggering out of sight.

It was so awesome we nearly died laughing!  The next one we saw performed similarly uncoordinated flying antics, which were even funnier!!