Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Spaceman Sam

It's been a long day, it started at 7:00am when I got up and went until 9:00pm when I made it back to my hotel room... but it hasn't been long in the way I expected.

Instead of feeling drained, I'm invigorated and refreshed and... excited!

I have done so many cool things in my life, far more in my few years than some people will do in a lifetime... but I have always been searching for something, like there was something I hadn't found yet that I was supposed to do. I think that is part of why I've tried so many things, just incase I didn't recognize it unless I was *doing* it...

I could describe it, but even in that I couldn't put my finger on it... its *just* that thing you do that motivates you to do more, to grow more... to be more.

I've heard that the things you do when you're supposed to be doing something else... are probably the things you *should* be doing... and this evening I experienced an hour long parking lot conversation bouncing around just such a project. I was almost giddy with the excitement of new ideas and spontaneous inpspirations.

I feel like I'm in University again, only this time I know I've got a lot to learn... but with all that practice I got at University, I also know I can do it.

The possibilies are endless, and I'm excited all over again to learn about everything I don't know.

As a kid I thought I wanted to be an astronaut.

Someone described the next phase of this project as "riding an even bigger rocket ship" than the last big thing that they did... which aptly fits into my life right now.

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, I'm strapped to a rocket ship like a mechanical bull rider... I *think* means I'm gonna need some lucky rocketship underpants!