Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Adventures in house repairs

We're prepping the house to move, and I think I'm just about at the point of breaking even between things I wanted to fix, things I have actually fixed, and things that I had to fix even though they weren't on the list because I accidentally broke them...

So far I've learned that you shouldn't leave the open paint can lid I on the floor where the dog might step on it, she didn't mind you, and she sat down immediately if quizzically when she heard the panic in my voice, but it was an eternity of a minor heart attack when I thought she had.

I've learned that there's no incentive for getting the water turned back on when you're doing a plumbing job like having to poop.

I've also learned that I have no idea how the bathtub cartridge works, and that no matter how simple it looks, its probably worth my time to pay someone who knows what they're doing. I can admit that now right? Even though I just spent two days, more than a fair amount of time,  and two cartridges from home depot... I was successful which is the important part, and now looking back on the fun times we had. No? Okay no. But it is pretty satisfying that it works now.

I've learned that reading the directions, and realizing you might have done something wrong, can be enough to make something that appeared to be working, not work.

I've learned that adventures in plumbing will wait until you're naked and in the shower to start leaking into the kitchen through the light downstairs.

I already knew I hated vinyl flourescent light covers, but I've just learned that they hate me too.