Friday, May 05, 2017

Great stuff...

I had an idea, but it wasn't until I saw it referenced on the Internet when I stumbled across something else that I really wanted to try it :p

Basically you put something in a container drape cloth over it and fill the container part way with foaming crack filler and then put something to contain the foam and walk away and let it sit overnight.

I don't know why, but despite having two people tell me it was overkill I still wanted to try it because I thought it was a great idea.

So I did a test run, and it didn't work quite right... but I figured I'd learned enough to do it, namely that you can't use a plastic bag because it needs to breath in order to dry.

Writing this out I realize how ridiculous it sounds that I'm still writing about trying it.

Well, you've probably figured this out already, but it was a bit of a disaster.

I ran out of foam, then I put too much in... and the container I was filling was plastic. I left it longer to compensate which seemed to help (or so I thought) until the third day when I opened it up, took the item needing protection out and an hour later it didn't fit... and still the foam kept expanding.

I let it run its course, and then set about the task of removing the evidence of my failed experiment.  I heard a bread knife works well, and boy did it ever! I started tearing out huge chunks until I discovered there was still a large pocket of gooey mess... by this point it was all over my right hand, and I was past the point of no return.

I didn't think it was going to be an ordeal getting it off, until I exhausted my go-to hand cleaners and started to panick a little. Luckily only one hand was sticky and I could still Google with my left hand :p

Thank you to the guy who said ten minutes of rubbing with peanut butter, and a couple cold beers worth of picking it off while sitting on the front porch. I'd tried butter, but not nearly long enough. Between the peanut butter and some serious scraping with a knife edge I was able to get to the point that it didn't look entirely awful.

Once I got past that the rest of it came out of the container pretty easily with some help from a putty knife and a screw driver. A quick trip to the fabric store, three pillow cases and less than 20mins later we'd effectively acheived what I'd been working on intermittently for the better part of a week *sigh*

Thank you for letting me try it and fail. After a conversation with my Mom I realized something, some people try, fail and move on. Whereas I see the potential for something and I keep trying to get it to work... I like to think it's kind of an Edison-esque "I've found 99 ways that don't work"

*indignantly* For the record I still think it's a good idea.