Thursday, July 29, 2010

Appropriate lunch time conversation...

This may or may not be appropriate lunch time conversation, but our server prompted the discussion so I just had to share it... she was a girl of indeterminate age, full of bubbles and sunshine of the overly helpful variety... like the kind that would wash and dry your car for you while asking how your day went and intently listening to your response.

Which started it all off...

A: I just hate servers from all those places like Montanna's, and Eastside Marios and, and that other place... Where they're so overly friendly like *girly voice* "Hi my name's <> and I want to be your new best friend for today!"

A: You know where they write their name upside-down on the paper-roll table cloth? That's great Freddie, I don't care if you can write your name upside-down... with crayon even, I'm still not going to use it. But congratulations on conquering the crayon, now how can I trust you'll even get my order right... are you sure you can use that pen? Or would you like a crayon?

A: Oooh and don't even get me started, when they show up and crouch down on one knee... and they're all in your personal space, like they're your best friend?!?! Just makes me want to say "Eff you!" and walk out!

A: It's like they've been given a bubbles and sunshine shot or something...

Me: More like sunshine up their... umm... their... damn what's that called?

A: Haha yeah like a sunshine enema, that's it! It's like they've all been given a sunshine enema!?!?