Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Heeey yoouuu guuuyyyss! Part Friday.

Woke up to a text message, groaned and replied... yes I need to be picked up, I'm somewhere on 17th Ave sleeping in the MoHo, no I'm not sure what the address is, you'll call when you're closer? K sounds good. *click*


It's approximately 8am, my body is in the process of doing a damage assessment to see if anything's broken, and cautiously checking the status of the digestive system.

*dozing off*

*phone rings* Ok you're on 17th Ave already... It's down the hill, nope don't see you yet... oh yeah, there you are!

We had two great games, I believe we mercy'd both teams... it was a good way to start the ball weekend, get to know where everyone plays and settle in a little. The bit of a break in between was nice too.

That afternoon consisted of jello shots and a team get together at our coach's, where we played volleyball?!?! Because ball all weekend just wasn't going to be enough ;) I made some wicked hot jalapeno poppers, even thought I tested the peppers and put in less than I usually do they were still hot enough to burn you a new arsehole!

The misshap of the night occurred when a beer went down, our hostess was icing her knee so I offered to grab the dust pan. Downstairs under the stairs by the kitty litter. No problem, I can do that, no no no, you stay and ice your knee... Yeah, stood up too fast under the stairs, and proved beyond scientific doubt that I am taller than the space under there. Cracked 'er pretty good, riigggght on top of the bump from last night. *shrugs* what are you gonna do?!?!

Migrated up to the beer gardens, and it was awesome! The bands were wicked, there weren't too many people, just enough for a mosh pit in front of the stage. I'd like to take this moment to thank the three monstrously tall guys who we somehow managed to tuck in behind... I'm pretty sure you kept us safe from the horde all night.

Just as the beer garden crowds were starting to dwindle I decided I was starving, as is wont to happen from time to time ;) There was no pizza to be had, but a perogie stand caught my eye... Babba's Perogies. By the Gods they were the best perogies in the entire world! Having learned how to share in Brownies I was quickly everyone's new best friend.

Now the cool thing they do for the weekend is have free buses running from the beer gardens all over town to prevent drunken idiots from attempting to drive. Great idea! Having a bus driver brake-gas-break-gas-brake-gas an entirely full bus of illegally intoxicated individuals? Noooooo good! We jumped off early, I mean we've walked home from down town a few times before so really, we're close enough.

The thing we didn't realize right away was that we were a block over. Now you wouldn't think that one block would make a lick of difference when you're taking two steps forward and one step back...

But. We usually walk (hike) up suicide hill, so named because it's steeper than the back of your head, and back in the day you could drive up *and* down this narrow street, always running the risk of hooligans launching themselves off of it on the way down and landing on you! Well being over by one block we were on a gentler incline, not so bad one might think... think again! It took *FOORREEEEVVVER* we had to stop for a rest on someone's front lawn! I'm not even kidding you, we never stop for a break on suicide, you look at it go "Holy crap" put your head down and start hiking up the stairs and before you know it you're at the top. Way. More. Bettar.

Crashed out, woke up not feeling too bad, incredible! Sorry but you'll have to wait for the Saturday installment of this weekends episodes ;)