Monday, July 05, 2010

Hey yoouuuuu guuuyyys! Part Thursday

I just had the awesomest longest weekend evar! I'm not even kidding, I'm so excited about it I keep accidentally hitting the Caps-Lock key and SPONTANEOUSLY YELLING. Ooops sorry about that, told you it was out of control over here! I'm going to have to break this up a bit, I'll try to do it by nightish, and not make you wait too long. Especially since I don't want to forget to tell you about everything awesome!

But seriously it was a fantastic Funtastic weekend. Our team, The Goonies *cue Hey yoooou guuuyys* won the competitive A division of the entire tournament! *Happy dance* there is some ridiculous number of divisions, like A for Awesome through H for Here for the Beer, and somewhere around 150 teams from all over the place.

I had so much fun, that the nights blend together as do the unidentified bruises, aches and pains. The festivities started Thursday night after work... and well, didn't really finish until around hmmm 8pm Sunday night. I'll try to spare you the gory details, and not talk too much about one of our ball players who once stood naked in a creek... Ha. Who am I kidding the story has puke, poop, and the words "How bad could it be?" in it. But that will have to wait for tomorrow night.

Anywhoo Thursday night started out kinda lame, I put laundry on. Super lame. I mean it's a big weekend right? Why haven't I started it sooner huh? Well I got nothing for you... But then I got the call that my favoritest ball girl evar (FBGE) was in town! I made all haste and headed on over to naked boys' house to suck back a couple of beers, meet the new guys on the team, and make fun of the new guy for wearing baseball pants - don't you worry I was envious of them by the end of the weekend... okay my skinned shin was. Anyways trucked 'er up to the beer gardens, and proceeded to bond with my team, catch up and generally dance around and carry on. The two highlights of the night were:

a) attempting to jump through a hulu-hoop while it was spinning around someone's arm, earning myself a goose bump on my noggin', but since I'm not a quitter I tried it again... yeah, I know, slow learner is what you're thinking... in any case I did not make it through, but don't you worry I'm going to keep at it until I get the timing right, or get brain damage. Maybe I can get some free beers NEXT funtastic.

Note: Dear reader, you should probably take a pee break here... I know I sure needed one.

b) My favoritest ball girl evar, had seen some dude who we will now refer to as The Ass, who was dissin' her current boyfriend of forever (BOF) and had said something along the lines of "diss diss diss, we would totally have been a power couple" WTF is a power couple??? I interrupt this to ask you only because neither of us has *any* idea. Anyways, pardon the A.D.D.D.D.D. each time we saw The Ass, she had a little bit of an I'm super frustrated angry "Grrrrr" moment. Well unluckily for him, he was wandering unsuspecting through the beer gardens talking on his cell phone when she pointed him out whist on our way to the watering hole again... Seeing her displeasure I said "Dude, do you want me to take him out?" Now my FBGE, knows that I'm not joking... as at the tourney where we met I tackled some guy who gave me a 7 out of 10 after I did a front hand spring hammered... she lit up like a fat kid in a candy store and says, "That would be great!"

*Hold my beer*. I ran across the entire beer gardens, now dear reader I'd like you to keep in mind that he's like 3 feet taller than me, I went for his knees, rugby tackle style. There was a moment of *squish* before my momentum carried him forward enough to bite it. Got up, inhaled my breath, re-inflated my chest, shook his hand and said "Thanks man!" and walked off leaving him more than slightly confused. Now, in the common affliction I have, known somewhere in France as staircase-wit I realize now that I *should* have said: "YOU KNOW WHY! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S FOR!!!" But alas I did not. My FBGE, loved it none the less. And I was greeted with, my drink and an omg-that-was-so-awesome-he-totally-ate-dirt! and *smiles* bright enough to out-do most high class chandeliers!

Anyways that night ended off with an injury count of two, goose-egg and slightly crushed upper right ribs, complements of The Ass. The squish was so worth it!

We had some minor shenanagins finding somewhere to stay, the BOF curled up on the side of the driveway in a sleeping bag asking in a semi-conscious voice for a pillow, but it all ended well with us staying in the awesomest couple's Motorhome affectionately known as The MoHo.

Well, the BOF crawled up into the over-the-cab space, I crawled into the other sleeping bag at the washroom end and grabbed a stuffed penguin to sleep on... my FBGE went to crawl in with her BOF, well here's the dialog that followed...

BOF: "Hey, there's no room up here! You're not gonna fit!"

FBGE: "Are you f*cking kidding me??!!?"

Me: "Dude, there's tonnes of room down here. You're more than welcome to come crawl in if you want"

FBGE: "Seriously? What do you mean I'm not going to fit?!?! You calling me fat? Jerk."

BFF: "It's too small! Go sleep in the other sleeping bag"

At this point she stormed down, "Harumphed", crawled in with me and said "Fine. But I get to be big spoon!" This started the spark-plug giggles, which fired into full blown tired giggles *s* For the next half hour or so, in drunk-time, I savoured the awesomeness of hanging out with someone I admire, and giggling uncontrollably about nothing in particular, namely sleeping on a penguin. Each little giggle setting off a whole new Nascar race of more giggles. It was one of those moments, like when you were 8 years old... I know, think waaaayy back. When you were hanging out with your best friend in the summer time playing, smiling, and laughing, and its as though everything in the world is exactly as it should be.