Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chicken soup for the soul

Many people have passed through my life leaving fingerprints on the window to my soul.

Along the way many of them attempted to teach me how to cook, and to their credit they all succeeded in one manner or another... I think the most important thing they left me with though weren't various recipes, but the yearning desire to learn... and that sometimes you have to try it again... and again... and sometimes one more time before you just go buy a damn rice cooker. They're cheap like borsch now.

I also learned from one friend, that when she's lonely, or when she needs people around that love her, she cooks... and not just a little bit, like we're talking a turkey as big as she is (at a mere 4'2).

I'm proud to say in the last few years I've formed a special connection with a few people in my life who cook. I wish there was a more eloquent word than cook though, because there are people who 'cook' mac and cheese every day for lunch *ahem* (I had a roommate like that) And then there are people who are honestly excited. Like we're talking wriggle inside their skin excited about cooking. People who have had their fair share of *oops* it definitely wasn't supposed to turn out like that!!! and know when to use their hamburgers as hockey pucks and order pizza... or dust off that box of mac 'n cheese.

So while I'm still barely above the caveman level of charred writing implement survival cooking, I appreciate sharing my minor triumphs and moments of win with others who have been so encouraging. Tonight I would like to present chicken soup... one part home made broth, one part abstract chicken cube and all the rest hearty fresh and frozen vegetables. *whispers* I did cheat a little bit though... I started with a cooked chicken from Superstore. Whoever came up with those things is brilliant!


*slurps* Well it certainly doesn't taste like Grandpa used to make it... *raises eyebrows* but it is pretty good!

I'd also like to thank My Kim for supervising the kosher induced salinity levels, it definitely wouldn't have been the same without you. You are most welcome in my kitchen :)

Hmmm this started as just a little "look I made soup"... but I guess there so many letters stuck in my head they started leaking out my fingertips!