Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do the time warp!

I think there's a temporal anomaly around Christmas... kind of like a worm hole, because I was doing great, I had lots of time to prepare and then all of a sudden BOOM it's nearly Christmas! When did that happen?!?

In other anomaly news, I totally got someone elses's breakfast sandwich this morning... *frowns* and no I don't want to correct to Elsey's, how on earth are you supposed to spell that?!?! Anyways Aaren got to listen to my full range of emotions...

Bagel?!? I didn't order a bagel!
Oh maybe they ran out of homestyle biscuits, well as long as there's tomato in it... *peeks inside*
Hmmm nope, damn... definitely got somebody else's breakfast
Oooh cheese bagel... and red pepper? Do they even make a cheese and red pepper bagel?

Maybe it's sundried tomato, that's almost like regular tomato...
Mmmmm this is actually pretty good :)

How am I supposed to order this again? "Hi, I'd like the same order you messed mine up with yesterday, yeah it was really good."