Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas creativity


Half an hour to write a Christmas card... at this rate times (16+18) I should be finished in 17 hours as long as I don't eat, sleep or allow for any ablutions... effluvium.

Yes thank you auto correct that is totally what I meant. Heh.
1. The ritual washing of a priest's hands or of sacred vessels.
2. [South African] A toilet that is available to the public.
So why is it taking so long? Well, earlier this year I had this bright idea that I wanted to learn calligraphy... the art of herding coloured water with a stick, and making it look perfectly organized and flowingly natural at the same time. Then my best friend found me an intro kit at a garage sale!

And what better way to practice my letters, and show my Christmas love than using it in cards? So, if I don't get ink poisoning, or a fatal hand cramp... and I actually get them down to the post office, and you get one you should feel very special. If you don't get one don't take it personally, I still love you... I just ran out of motivation.

*whips head around* Wanna go ride bikes?!?!