Sunday, December 09, 2012

It could've been worse...

Recently Awhile ago, a friend said to me after we returned from the lake without any fishies... "You guys must be the worst fishermen in Canada"... Well this is the tale about how we caught something... and still came home empty handed! ;)

My buddy had been bragging about all the fishies they'd caught on Swan the day before, and that they were just *nailing* them with the purple docks... a half an hour later I was skeptical, and had no sooner finished voicing my skepticism when *BAM* he gets a fish!

I kid you not, it happens like this all the time with us.

He reels it in, and it's probably a 2 lb'er... not huge by any standard, but still a fish.  He looked at it, then offered it to me for dinner, finally he gets it off the hook and leaving it in the net I put it back in the water to rinse off all the slimy bits.  The poor fish lies in the water upside down, noooot lookin' so good.

So I get him back in the boat, and I'm trying to find something to bean him with... when Eddie picks him up and says "Man I hate doing this..." and goes to smack him on the side of the boat...

Time slowed down, and I watched... powerless to change the course of my dinner as it slides out of his hands, taps the side of the boat... and *sploosh* the fish that 10 seconds before looked dead, does a quick *flip* *flip* with his entire body and tail... and is gone.

We looked at each other for a shocked second of silence and then *roared* laughing! I mean really, what else are you gonna do?!?

Just think though, somewhere tonight there's a fishy swimming around with a headache and no recollection of what happened, wondering what kind of bender he was on ;)

But really, I can't complain too much... you know what they say about a bad day fishing? Well, even if you don't... just look at this sunset...