Sunday, December 09, 2012

Slowly. Going. Crazy. Am. I.

I recently had an unfortunate encounter with a website, actually it was with the phone system... but it started with the website. As far as I'm concerned, this should be valid grounds for taking the person responsible out back and beating them to death with a wet noodle, or possibly a dry sock... the sock would take longer.

1) First I read through most of the website
2) Enough of it to get thoroughly confused and admit that I was lost
3) I then admitted defeat, and located the contact phone number... being careful to select the "General Information" line rather than the "Emergency" I also wrote down the office hours.
4) I then woke up early to call during said office hours... Painstakingly listening carefully and following the prompts that best suited my particular situation... only to end up with an automated message that said "for more information, please go to http://..."

I understand where the rage of a thousand suns is born

My first question, is why bother listing a phone number... and secondly why the #$%^! did you bother posting office hours if the entire @$&*% thing is automated?!?!?!