Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Roadtrip - July 17th - Leg III - Part A

 Random Stop

The Fit... posing with Faith
Apparently this (point of interest?) was dedicated to some train that went off the tracks, and dropped a passenger car 80' into a huge snowbank... don't worry though, nobody died. I guess it was *the* incident that prompted them to find a better way through the pass though.

So we followed the little trail that went between the signs thinking it maybe went to somewhere you could see the tracks or the steep grade of the tracks... but instead just kind of ended, and that's where Faith got her first bug bite.

... and then we got distracted...

Ooooh look at this big rock!
...and found this trail that went to this cool little creek that ended up being perfect for dipping our hot little piggy toes in!